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Other people's relationships

The shocking truth about people with different views

Shockingly, research indicates that it’s not just possible to express one’s views without being an asshole, it’s actually possible for people with different views to have an amiable relationship.

Sounds crazy, but it’s worth considering.

The shocking truth about people with different views


The world is a dog park


People who don’t mingle with other people outside of their social, ethnic, religious, economic, political, or peer groups are like dogs that grow up without ever having been socialized with other dogs (they tend to be skittish around the unfamiliar and react to other dogs with hesitation, suspicion, and barking).

Socializing dogs is recommended for good reasons. Not least of which is that they exist more harmoniously with other dogs.

This doesn’t just apply to dogs. The world is a dog park.



Originally published on: Dec 2, 2014 @ 10:44