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Pirates vs Zombies

Pirates vs Zombies

Pirates vs ZombiesPirates vs Zombies is an idea that was spawned from a blog post called: Pirates vs Zombies: Conformity kills creativity.

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“We are all inventors [pirates], each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pirates vs Zombies was founded to raise awareness of this real-world zombie virus so that we can combat its affects and help people maximize their potential.

In doing so, we hope to create the positive change we wish to see in the world. You can do your part by “liking” content or sharing it with your friends via social networks.

What are we talking about?

  • The “new” Pirates: Maximizers of potential in themselves & others and a positive influence.
  • Zombie Virus: Undesirable influences & habits.
  • Zombies: Only those acutely affected by the virus. Minimizers of potential in themselves & others.

The Pirates vs. Zombies Organization is new — it’s not a movement just yet, but with your help, it will be.

This is just the beginning. Read “A Call to Arms!” – The original [but edited] post that started it all.

Pirates vs. Zombies Manifesto

To promote positive & effective ways to resist zombies & the zombie virus through motivation and awareness. We aim to teach positive & practical zombie virus survival techniques. Until there’s a cure for the zombie virus, there’s us — Pirates vs

Spoken like a pirate (Holstee Manifesto):

“This be yer life. Do wha’ ye love, an’ do it often. If ye don’t like somethin’, change it. If ye don’t like yer job, quit. If ye don’t ‘ave enough time, stop watchin’ TV.

If ye be lookin’ fer th’ love o’ yer life, stop; they will be waitin’ fer ye when ye start doin’ thin’s ye love.

Stop o’er analyzin’, all emotions are beautiful. Life be simple. When ye eat, appreciate ever last bite. Open yer mind, arms, ‘n heart t’ new thin’s.

An’ scallywags, we be united in our differences. Ask th’ next scallywag ye see wha’ thar passion be, ‘n share yer inspirin’ dream wit’ them.

Travel often; gettin’ lost will help ye find yourself.

Pirate sayin’: Some opportunities only come once, commandeer them.

Life be about th’ scallywags ye meet, An’ th’ thin’s ye create wit’ them so go out ‘n start creatin’.

Life be short. Live yer dream, ‘n wear yer passion.”