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Zero Dean

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ZDXP Feedback

ZDXP Feedback

NOTE: This page primarily reflects ZDXP feedback 2010-2012.

ZDXP FeedbackPeggy LaCerra
Spirituality & Health Magazine

“Getting Unstuck” by Peggy LaCerra

“‘The only ones for me are the mad ones’ – I appreciate you, what you’re doing with your life and what you share here, Zero.

The percentage of people who hear about you that actually then read what you write and follow your adventures will be small; and the percentage of those that do so and then comment will be even smaller.

But there are a few ‘square pegs’ out there who will manifest their genius because they read about you, and what you believe, and what you’ve done. They’re the ones that move the world. Thank you for inspiring them!”


“Dear @zerodean.official I have been collecting your quotes and they have never failed to make my gloom a little brighter. Please don’t stop writing. It’s lifesaving.”

“I want you to know you inspire me to be a better spouse, mother, sister, friend… a better person all around. Love you, your positive attitude & the motivational words you give. Thank you for being you = awesome!”

“[Personal details omitted]…Two days ago I went into your website and read your blog “Not everyone will understand your journey…” and the most amazing thought came to me while reading your words that just produced a huge shift (and a few tears), and I have felt amazing ever since. My depression has lifted, and I am so grateful for your written words, and for you appearing in my life like this. Your story is inspirational – I’m sure you’ve heard that a hundred times – but it really is to others, you probably have no idea. I am grateful for your story and your kookiness and uniqueness. I recognise the kookiness – it is very familiar. Keep being brave and never stop. You’re doing good stuff.”

“Thank the universe for you! Lately it seems there are more and more negative people, and remaining positive seems damned near impossible…however, they won’t win. I’ll continue on my merry positive way.”

“I’ve been following your blog since you started and have always wanted to write to you. You started your amazing trip and blog when I was starting a new phase in my life and career. And I can definitely tell you that everything you posted on your blog and the adventure you decided to undertake when leaving everything behind and going into your trip around multiple cities, were extremely important, helpful and supportive to me since I was also going on a new adventure myself. …(personal story/details removed)… So THANK YOU so much for all of your inspiring posts, phrases and quotes. I’m sure they have helped and supported and inspired a lot of people around the World as they did inspire me.”

“Wow, you are absolutely amazing. I admire you so much for having the courage to just “rip the bandaid off” and go for it. I’ve been reading through your blog for the last 2 hours. There are so many things you talk about and describe that really speak to me. So glad I stumbled across you.”

“Thank you for the countless ways you inspire, sharing your experiences, your trials and tribulations, what inspires you. You are a brilliant light, steadily beaming out to the world, like a really big lighthouse! Thank you for doing this, for sharing your journey, parts of yourself in an open-hearted manner, which is what speaks to people I think, as it certainly speaks to me. It takes chutzpah every moment you do this, whether or not you are still as keenly aware of it near 4 years on after embarking in the ride of, for, your life. I am thankful for the quotes you display (often, I’m discovering, among my already favourites) and then your thoughts and how they apply to your, someone’s life. So a big thank you!”

“You came around at a low point in my life. I was in treatment for cancer and pretty much homebound. What a wonderful adventure, Thank You Zero.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for being such an awesome human being. I’m blown away by how full-throttle you are living your life. Inspired by your getting after the life you want and my own thoughts lately about just stepping out, putting one foot in front of the other, and seeing where it leads me, I checked out your website. I didn’t get very far, though, because I got totally sucked in to the Neil Gaiman commencement speech video. That was nothing less than brilliant, and SO what I needed to hear this week. Funny how life will throw you exactly the thing you need right when you need it, huh? Before I wax any further philosophical, I will just simply say thank you. Thank you for sharing – the video, and your journey.”

“You have made many a blah day amazingly bright, and I love you for your courage, adventuresome spirit and your willingness to share it all. I will be right here following you and connecting with you whenever I can, for as long as I can, because I believe in you!”

“I have to say you have always been inspiring and uplifting, but to know more of your back story is truly amazing.”

“Zero … Can I just tell you that your blogs crack me up, I mean laugh out loud funny which I look forward to every day. You are dead on and I am so thankful my girlfriend introduced me to your fresh wit.”

“…Your quotes, sense of humour and positive attitudes are lifting my spirits when self-pity or just the occasional wallowing settle in…Much gratitude for your courage and initiative! You are helping me to regain my sense of humour about lost love, nomading, death and doing what you really need to do when there’s a plot twist!”

“Thank you for being you and Thank you for doing what you do! … You are always a breath of fresh air for me! I enjoy your humor and proses tremendously! They keep me sane, and I feel less alone in the world! Please keep sharing and caring, and being your fantastic self! What the world needs now is “Wove, Sweet Wove!” and of course your positivity, and kindness! You are a treasure! Thank you Zero! Cheers, Bows and Curtseys!”

“Thank you for adding a smile, a laugh, inspiration and motivation to my day. Appreciate you!”

“Zero: While I don’t remember how we met, I believe it may be due to you popping on my news feed and your quirky post catching my eye. Your posts always brighten my day. Keep on doing what you do best.”

“I want to thank you for all your positive posts, I actually look forward to reading them. There is just so much negativity on social media, it’s a breath of fresh air when I see someone who’s trying to also make the world a better place.”

“Um, I have become so obsessed with this page that I sense a restraining order in my future…It is great; positive without being annoyingly positive. Makes me want to be a better person.”

“Thank you for being here. I, like many others, am going through “stuff”. You often make me laugh, smile, think and challenge me in some way. Thank you!”

“I find what you do is amazing. Most of the pages out there are mostly filth and crazy pics with insane foul mouthed people commenting on them. You and your pages are a refreshing change to the usual garbage. While a lot of it is hilarious, it’s nice to see something different. I’m at a place in my life where I need as much of that as I can get. You’ve touched me in a way I never expected to be touched — and especially not on FB.”

Michele O
“Following you on FB has been fun, insightful, and quite frankly a bit of a blessing. So thank you Zero Dean…you’re cool and a goober (by the way, a goober in my family and circle of friends is the absolute best thing to be).”

Michelle B
“Zero…don’t know how I would get through the day anymore without your posts. Thanks for the smiles and the inspiration and the laughter!”

“I’ve learned so much from you. I admire your integrity, your courage and your generosity of spirit.”

“I’m not sure how, or even when for that matter, I stumbled across your page but im glad I did – you bring a smile to my face everyday even though we’re on opposite sides of the world. So Thank you & Keep up the Awesome work”

“I come and creep your page when I’m feeling low. I always find something that makes me smile or laugh or something that i needed to read. even if it isn’t you who posted it.”

“We all think you’re awesome. Is time the rest of the ‘web caught on.”

“You make me laugh, and there are days that you are the only one that makes me laugh… add to that that you ask absolutely NOTHING from me… and that makes you near perfect, darling. Thanks for the difference you make!”

“I seriously LOVE this page & your shared experiences & inspiration & your relentless sense of humour. Thanks heaps Zero Dean!”

“You make me smile every day Zero! How I even became a Facebook friend I don’t even know. But in my opinion I so need your wit and humor every day. That said, thank you for being so awesome!”

“It’s official. You’re my Internet crush!”

Nicole Y
“You’re living up to your page motto…you’re making many smile each day. :)”

“You know, I just have to take a moment to send out a big ‘THANKS!’ to you! Nothing better than drinking cappuccino in front of my coworkers and choking on it because I laugh so hard over your status updates. Seriously, good job on being a bright spot in the lives of your humble followers.”

“Hey Zero! I just wanted to let you know that you’re awesome! When your statuses come up in my news feed they definitely put a smile on my face! Thanks for doing what you do!”

“Hi- i really enjoyed coming across reading and your site. Refreshing, funny, seriously felt a connection. Keep at your life’s work- it works.”

“Zero – you never cease to make me think, and bust me up!”

“Zero, you have mastered the practice of treating everyone you meet as a potential teacher. I am so impressed with that. The tendency is to ignore those that are probably one-time encounters. You get it. Love it.”

“Hi Zero! Just want you to know that I’m always looking forward to your posts for a hearty laugh everyday. Keep the positive vibe going! Much love from the PI.”

“just got finished trolling this page. you are funny. i don’t mean a little bit funny. i mean i just about pee’d on myself laughing so hard funny. thank you for that.”

“You can make even the dullest day so damn interesting with your bright smile and hilarious sense of humor. You are simply awesome to have around.”

“I have often been uplifted, amused, intrigued and entertained by your posts and just want to let you know, and say thanks.”

“Even though I read it everyday, today reading, “Zero Dean Thinks You’re Awesome“… just made my day… THANKS… I think Zero’s Pretty Darn Awesome. Have a GREAT day!” *


“want to drop you a line just to let know that i really appreciate your posts. It helps me a lot. Keep it up brother! I’m very stressed at work and everytime i see your adage it helps me to keep moving and take things positively just like what you did. Thanks a lot! I may not hit the like button or make some comments because i am not doing that often but i do really like your views in life. Hope to read more positive notes from you.”

“In this odd cyber world of fb you are refreshingly genuine.”

“You are a most entertaining poster, Zed.”

“Your posts brighten my day.”

“I’m not certain if I want to meet you or clone you first???”

“I am loving your daily inspirations!!”

“I have been enjoying your posts. We need more positive thoughts and laughter in our lives. Have a good evening from Washington State!”

“I honestly think you would be a runaway success if you wrote a book. You’re personable, humorous, and REAL, but you still hold that element of wonder… That makes a great writer.”

“That’s the second time you have made me laugh today! Thanks! :)”

“Hi Zero, I’ve been following your journey for a while and just wanted to send you a little note of appreciation. Thanks for choosing the adventure to life your life as authentically as you can, and sharing a little bit of that with the rest of us.”

“You are a highly intelligent being with a purpose.”

“i loved everything you posted. everything!”

“Still loving your posts.”

“Just a quick note to you, to let you know how AMAZIIIING you are! Such an inspiration for me! Well, I know how to inspire, too, but having you by my side (even indirectly) means a lot! A lot of a lot actually! Pleeease, just stay safe!!! Because beloved you are!!! Happy Holidays with muuuuuch loooove to youuu!!!”

“Always thankful for the smiles & laughs you bring to my day. :)”

“I appreciate all the wonderful, zany, inspiring posts and adventures since you started this thing. … You still are the single most meaningful part of this “social media” thing I’ve personally encountered.”

“I’d like to say I’ve really enjoyed your positivity over the last year, I’m glad I followed your page.”

“It’s been enlightening and humorous on this ride.”

“You are so brave. I want to give you a huge hug.”

“I traveled 12,250 miles through 17 states in 265 days on my journey…and then I stumbled upon your blog…you are awesome…I’m inspired!”

“I’m new to positive thinking. You seem pretty good at it already. I need all the happy I can find!”

“Such a romantic, you always make me smile, Zero, always.”

“Thanks for your awesome posts ZD.”

“I wish there were more people in the world like you.”

“I’ve had a tough year, reading the quotes from your blog were inspiring…thank you.”

“I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. You are so funny!”

“You inspire me and make me laugh on a regular basis and that does more for me than you could ever know. Thank you for being you. <3 “

“Zero Dean, you are a treat I just discovered, like a gumdrop for my brain and heart, in a world that is harsh sometimes… bereft of any joy some days, you have a gift of making people smile and laugh which is no small thing…you raise the vibration of the planet which is important “work”, please keep being who you are and sharing it with us. It helps A LOT. Thanks!”

“You make me SMILE by just being you. <3”

“I love your sense of humor! You make my day with your posts!”

“U r a bright spot in my crazy days…”

“One of the only people who make me laugh when I need it most. One of these days, it would be cool to just meet you.”

“You always make me laugh and now my co-workers are giving me THAT look!”

“Awesomeness aside, I will say that you come up in my conversations two or three times a day. You are a well-thought and inspiring individual Zero!”

“You’re a bright spark in this world, Zero!”

“Your posts always brighten my day Zero. A heartfelt thanks and a big virtual hug to you! <3”

Leah (Science teacher)
“Your weird thoughts inspire my teaching, Mr. Dean! This post got me thinking about a fun way to help my kids practice converting between metric and customary units in science class, so I made up a bunch of silly units like “squirrels” and “flerbs” had them convert between them. Fun was had by all! Thanks! :)”

“I just wanted to say that even though I don’t comment often I find you to be extremely funny and very motivational and I admire you and the way you freely live your life very much! Thank you for being you. :)”

“You LIGHT up my LIFE!! Thank You for the bonfires! :)”

“I don’t know how I’ve never heard of you, but I’m glad I found you! Thanks for being such an inspiration!”

“I love this guy’s page, he’s hysterical and at the very least, inspirational if you need a little bit of humor or help looking at the bright side of life or any given situation. Worth a follow.”

Keep doin what you’re doin, cause the people ♥ you for it!!

“I like your positive reinforcement with my coffee in the morning!”

“You are awesome and I am grateful to have “met” you. You help add sunshine to my life.”

“Thank you for making my day a million times over.”

“I wish there were more people like you, Zero and Mark Boyce!”

“You truly make me smile & lol! at least once a day!”

Selected as Serial Optimist Magazine’s Best of Pinterest 2012 (Link to my Pinterest: Zero Dean)

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  2. December 15, 2011 : Awesome Cloud
  3. January 16, 2012 : Oregon Flatwave (N/A)
  4. February 17, 2012 : Stevi B&W
  5. June 11, 2012 Key West Panorama
  6. March 30, 2013 : A Bryce Moment
  7. May 1, 2013 : A Walk in the Woods

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ZDXP Feedback