Once upon a Zombie Apocalypse…

No wait — *looks out window* — not quite yet! Dang it.

First, I want to say welcome!

Let me shake your hand! It’s great to have you here! Would you like some lemonade? You do? Sorry. I don’t actually have any lemonade. Watch your step! Those underwear totally aren’t mine, by the way. Wait. Wut? Ok, that’s awkward. O_o

So anyway. You’re here! Awesome. I’m sorry, what? My name? Zero? Yes, it’s true.

So! What do you do? Mhm. Mhm. I see. *nods*

That’s really interesting! …But, wait. What if the chicken won’t wear the nylons*? Oh, right! Of course! Genius!

What do I do? Well… let’s see. I’ve juggled a couple careers. Mainly computer graphics & photography. But in 2009 I decided to really shake things up. I wanted to find a way to get back in touch with the things I was truly passionate about. So I started following my personal legend and *haven’t looked back since this morning.

But anyway — since I started plotting my own path — I’ve been sharing my experiences & the lessons I’ve learned through my writing & photography. And because I’m a big proponent of intentionally pushing beyond one’s comfort zone as an opportunity for growth, I’ve also been known to walk the walk – though sometimes it feels like a crawl… through quicksand… made with molasses… and butter. Actually, that sounds sort of delicious.

Oh great. Now I’m hungry. O_O Can I get you anything? I made crumpets.
They’re awful.

5 Reasons Why You Might Be Here:

1. I take pictures!

And some people like them! Woohoo!

My work is sprinkled throughout my web pages (most notably in the header at the top), but if you’d like to see more of it, go to Zero Dean Photography!

Not into boring still photography? Here’s a video with boring still photography that moves! OoooOOoooh!

Oh, you like videos? Well, you’re in luck! There’s another one hidden in the last tab below.

2. I write stuff!

Words, mostly! And some people read them!

Zero Dean Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their LivesSometimes what I write is sad, but not usually. Sometimes it’s funny. But not this, because I’m being very serious right now. O_O

Sometimes I write about things like getting denied entry into Canada or escorted out of Starbucks by police. Yeah, that happened.

And — finally — sometimes what I write makes people scratch their heads and go “Hmmmm.”

3. I was Choose-Your-Adventure Guy!

Yup, I spent nearly 2 years criss-crossing the USA on an epic road trip (we’re talking over 50,000 miles!) letting people tell me where to go and what to do and meeting people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jamie Hyneman, and doing lots of cool stuff.

Read about ZDXP here and on the choose my adventure page.

4. You saw my name on an image!

You saw “Zero Dean” on an image and thought, “Who is Zero Dean!?

Why I think you're awesome.It’s crazy, but images with my name on them — including both photos and quotes (even Zero Dean quotes) — have been viewed a ridiculous number times on the internet!

What images?

Well, these images on the “Made by Zero” Pinterest board (each one links back to my blog where they originate), and these Zero Dean photos on Flickr (also found on Google+).

5. I took a 1,000 days of discomfort challenge

1,000 days of discomfort!? Sounds nuts awesome! Sign me up!

But seriously, it was an excuse to deliberately push myself beyond my comfort zone for an extended period of time — and then learn from and write about the experience.

Want to know more? Read about my 1,000 days of discomfort challenge here.

6. Oh dang. I forgot about the videos. Now my numbers are off.

So yeah, I’ve made a couple videos!

Here’s a video of some of the places ZDXP has taken me…

And another because you are paying attention! (Woohoo!)

I made some other videos, but they are over here.


I have nothing more to say on this page! EXCEPT: I like the way you read!

Ok — STOP HERE! You can’t go down any farther! You’ll fall off my web page!