Video podcast coming (and other news)

Here’s the latest news…


In embracing the true spirit of the path less traveled, I will now be experimenting with different ways to deliver my content. If you’ve been opening and reading these emails lately (and only about 6{6b213c39dfb50875f48083f3d0b7229a115355cfc16cf21479990ddcc1b094cb} of you do), then you’ll notice I’ve been posting my tweets. While tweets are sometimes disregarded as a lesser form of content delivery, they don’t have to be. So I’ve been posting those on my blog. This is mainly an experiment. And it also allows me to post more often when I’m not focused on long-form writing.

One of the things about journeying along the path less traveled is that it means experimenting more and trying different things to get different results. And sometimes we do that and fall flat on our faces. But even when that happens, we learn something. So we’ll see how this turns out. One thing I can say is it’s nice to be sharing more, even if it’s only short-form content.

Since I’ve actually been tweeting daily (sometimes multiple times a day), I realize that having this content delivered to your mailbox on a daily basis may be annoying. So, in an effort to reduce the impact of that, I am now restricting delivery of my blog to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

If you don’t mind occasionally getting emails every day, then let me know (you can just reply to this message). I may switch it back. However, if receiving emails from me 3 times a week is too much for you and not something you can handle (or ignore), then it may be in your best interest to unsubscribe.



I have a video podcast coming soon. The content will be related to things I talk about in my book as well as some things that go far beyond it. In staying true with the path less traveled, I’m aiming for it to be a bit unconventional in that I have no plans to blindly follow in the footsteps of what other people are doing or copy someone else’s blueprint for “success”.

My goal, above all else, will be to provide viewers with something of value. And to do it without getting in my own way (which I will talk about what that means in more detail in a video).

Where is it going to be? My Youtube channel to start. I might eventually make it available via official podcasting channels like iTunes.

That brings me to the next subject…


This month’s contest will involve my youtube channel (and a couple other things).

Participants will be able to earn up to 10 points. Every point you earn will place your name into a random drawing that will be done at the end of this month. While everyone who participates will have a chance to win, your odds of winning will be increased for every point you earn.


You will earn 1 point for each of the following:

  • Subscribing to my youtube channel (1 point)
    • In the event you are already subscribed to my channel, then subscribe to the Funny Little Honey Farm channel. Why? Because Chris is a genuine and good guy just starting to get his channel off the ground. He needs 100 subscribers to get a custom youtube URL and you can help him do that. Once that’s done, if his content doesn’t interest you (and his voice doesn’t entice you enough to stay subscribed), you can unsubscribe. I’m just trying to help out a friend here. We’ve never met, but we’ve been in touch for years.
  • Liking one or more of my videos (1 point) (yes, there are a couple)
  • Liking one or more Funny Little Honey Farm videos (1 point)
  • Commenting on one my videos (1 point)
  • Following my Amazon author page (1 point)
  • Following me on twitter (1 point)
  • Following me on goodreads (1 point)
  • Following me on instagram (1 point)
  • In addition to these things, you can do any of the things mentioned below under “Reviews (and other stuff). Each item qualifies for a point.

Like I said, you can rack up to a maximum of 10 points. Each point will enter your name into the drawing. If you want to do more than 10 things, that’s up to you (and I will certainly appreciate it). But the max is 10.


While I will receive notifications for a number of these actions, I am leaving it up to you to use the honor system. Once you perform one or more of these actions, just email me to let me know how many points you’ve earned and I will enter you into the drawing for a free signed copy of my book that I will ship to you anywhere in the world (which gets really expensive, by the way). What makes a giveaway “affordable”, it is the attention it brings to my channel or my book or something else. That’s the whole point of the points system here.


Since it’s really difficult to get people to do anything, I would say if you actually do some of the steps above, your odds of winning are pretty good. If I had to guess (this is just a guess) based on how many people open these emails and how many are inclined to do anything, I’d say it could be as high as 25{6b213c39dfb50875f48083f3d0b7229a115355cfc16cf21479990ddcc1b094cb}. If you end up earning 10 points, it could be higher than that.

If I end up being off, I will let you know after this month’s contest. And if I’m really off and people really do step it up, I will probably give away two books this month to make up for it. So there’s that.


If you don’t want to wait for your chance to win a free signed copy of my book, there are other options that basically involve doing something that provides value in exchange for a book. If the value of what you provide meets or exceeds the value of my book and the cost to ship it to you, then I am happy to consider it. So contact me if it’s something you would like to discuss.

What are some things I will consider? Anything that generates actual interest in my book or significant real and engaged followers on social media. The last thing I want is fake followers. I want to attract people who might actually derive value from the content I provide.


The following is a repeat of something I put in my last update… unfortunately, the formatting of previous emails failed to make links look obvious. And few people actually go out of their way to do anything unless it’s incentivized (such as a contest) or it’s really easy (such as clicking a link). So here’s that information again with obvious links…



I don’t know about you, but one of the things I look at before purchasing a book on Amazon is the reviews.  If you’ve managed to get yourself a copy of my book and found value in it, I’d absolutely love it if you could take a moment to leave a verified purchase review on Amazon. To do that, you will need to go to your purchase history, find it, and select “review this product” (or similar text).

Unfortunately, if you had the book “gifted” to me to be signed (or gifted to anyone else), you will not be able to leave a verified review. You can still leave a review if you choose to, but it won’t have that highly valued “verified purchase” designation next to it. You have to actually purchase the book for yourself to leave a verified review.

If you want to show even more support, you can also follow my Amazon author page.


Another good resource for book readers (and writers) is Goodreads. If you’re not a member, consider signing up. It’s a cool place to keep track of what you’re reading (and what others are reading). If you are a member, it would be awesome if you would consider:

Basically, all this stuff makes my book slightly more visible to people. If you can think of something else that would be helpful, by all means, let me know! I would really love to get my book into the hands of people who could use it.


I hope my update finds you well. Now that my book is out, things are just getting started, so I hope to have a lot more exciting information in the near future.

May the love you put into what you do always find its way back to you,
Zero Dean