Genuine kindness doesn’t have ulterior motives.

Zero Dean

Author | Photographer | CG Artist | Filmmaker


Zero Dean / INFO

I created this page to provide people with a shortcut to questions I get and information I want to share.

Yes, it actually is. Go here for details.


I’m a writer. I’ve been sharing life lessons learned from my journey since 2010.

I wrote a book.


I’m currently working on volume 2. I’m an advocate for intentionally pushing one’s self beyond comfort as a means for personal growth. I also encourage independent thinking and self-expression while trying to discourage judging. I’m big on kindness. 

I’ve written at least a few things that have gone viral – usually with my name cropped off.

I’m also a portrait photographer (I also shoot landscape & nature pics) — here are some pics on Instagram. And I’m formerly a computer graphics artist. I made art for video games. You can read more about my history here. I’m on LinkedIn.

Update: July 2020

I just re-launched my YouTube channel. I’ll be spending the next few months traveling across the USA and documenting the experience with video.


I’m still working on the follow-up to my first book.

2019: I was traveling the USA interviewing people for a video documentary series (and podcast) about resilience and hope. Then covid hit.

This project went on hiatus in early 2020, but it is very much alive and will be back in production the near future. 

You can read more about my project at (From The Path Less Traveled)

The map below shows my project travels. 

Of course. I’m generally open to speaking about anything in my book.

I’m also open to simply connecting with people with whom I may be close to crossing paths with as I travel.

Contact me.

Where am I now? (Also see “What am I currently up to?” above)

My location is represented by the red marker on the map below — I update it pretty regularly. I’m probably not far from wherever it is.

FTPLT Project Tour 2019