Life isn’t just about accomplishments. You don’t have to reach the top of a mountain to have a great story about trying to get there. Seek interesting experiences that make great stories.

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"This isn’t going to be easy."

“This isn’t going to be easy.”

Remember, every difficulty or challenge we face is an opportunity for growth and improvement. In fact, this is mainly the only time we learn something new or life-changing.

When things are easy, we’re not developing new skills or new ways of handling something emotionally, spiritually, or physically.

And it is especially true that our attitude towards challenges can make all the difference. Ever really want to learn something “fun”, even though it was difficult?

…Learning to ride a bike, waterski, snowboard, skate, a musical instrument, a new language, learning some complex rules to a game, or spending hours trying to beat a level…

How is it that something supposedly difficult was fun? Is it possible that you were so focused on achieving your goal, you didn’t notice or even care how uncomfortable you were or many times you “messed up” or fell down to get there — because you held the belief that the end result would be worth it.

Well, the same can be true when life throws us into situations or scenarios that we wouldn’t choose for ourselves.

Dealing with discomfort, fear, and situations we don’t want be in — or situations that we are completely unfamiliar with — is an absolutely essential part of growth.

Who we are is a result of everything we’ve had to overcome in life and the attitude we chose to adopt during – or as a result of – challenges we’ve had to face.

You can choose to look at difficulties as disruptive and something to dread – or you can look at them as opportunities for growth and self improvement. Because difficulties & discomfort are simply one side of a coin while opportunities for growth are the other.

You can’t have growth without some degree of discomfort.

We may not be able to choose or even like the challenges that life throws our way, but we can always choose our attitude towards them.

Image based on the above quote.

Once you realize this, it makes facing challenges easier — because it can change your attitude towards them. You might even be able to see them as a compliment that the universe is testing you and felt you were ready to handle it — like a coach saying, “You’re ready to take it to a higher level.”

Rather than focus on how difficult (you think) something is going to be or how much you don’t like it, why not focus on making the most of the opportunity and experience. That’s all life really is — opportunities and experiences.

How about replacing, “This isn’t going to be easy” and “I don’t like this” with, “Here’s an opportunity to learn something new.”

Thanks for keeping me in the game, coach.

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” — African Proverb

Zero Dean

Zero Dean

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