Success isn’t just about accomplishment. It’s also about how the things you do in your life motivate & inspire others to do something motivating & inspiring in theirs.

Zero Dean

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"Think positive" is a meaningless catchphrase

“Think positive” is a meaningless catchphrase

Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled by Zero Dean

“Think positive.” No. Think intelligently. Just because “think positive” is a nice thing to say doesn’t mean it’s going to do you any good.

You can be the kindest, most positive person in the world, but unless you’re actively working towards a goal or fulfilling a greater purpose, you will likely find yourself drifting further & further from places you truly want to go. Without a strategy, “Think positive” is a meaningless catchphrase. In order to have any significant impact on your life, your positive thoughts must be accompanied by actions that push you in a direction you want to go.

Zero Dean

Zero Dean

Author of Lessons Learned From The Path Less Traveled. Professional photographer. Filmmaker. Humorist. Into photography, art, kindness, compassion, and living beyond comfort. Normal is boring.