Don’t let what you can’t do stand in the way of what you can do.

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There are many things in this world that you are not responsible for...

There are many things in this world that you are not responsible for…

There are many things in this world that you are not responsible for (and have no control over). Your health, diet, education, attitude, inner peace, happiness, and how informed you are (are not among those things). Those are a reflection of choices you make every day.



[anonymous]: i would take health off this list. i understand that our choices can shape our health in some ways, but not in all ways. many people suffer from diseases they did nothing to cause or contribute to. otherwise, i’m with you!

Zero: I’m inclined to leave it, and here’s why:

No one chooses to get sick, but the vast majority of diseases are caused by diet (controllable), stress (controllable), willful association with things that are known to have adverse effects on health such as smoking, drinking, hazardous work environments, etc (all controllable).

Yes, there are always exceptions (and always exceptions to pretty much any quote or concise piece of advice, but then they wouldn’t be easily digestible). It is rare one can offer a simple bit of advice and have it apply to everyone and every situation without exceptions.

But for the vast majority of people who can read this post, this applies.

It does not apply so much to people who cannot read or live in a third world country. Or people who are incarcerated. Or people with mental issues or chemical imbalances or have suffered from severe trauma. Or children who are born into sickness or are afflicted by disease very early on in life. But then, I’m not speaking to those people and wouldn’t expect them to read this.

For what it’s worth, this is only meant to be somewhat encouraging and reinforcing to the people who do read what I write. “You’re right, I do have control over what I eat. I will eat better.” or “You’re right, I do have control over my fitness. I will exercise more.” or “You’re right, I do have control over my education. I will pick up a book or watch some educational videos and start learning about something that interests me.”

For those that I think it will be most useful to, are the ones I think it will probably piss them off to read it.

“I didn’t choose to get fat.” or “I can’t run because my knees hurt, so how do you expect me to exercise?” or “I’m not happy because my life sucks.”

I think much of the world would rather blame others for the state of their health or their lives than take personal responsibility for it.

It can be difficult making that switch — not everyone wants that kind of responsibility or to make that kind of effort.

But as one quote goes, “The truth with set you free. But first it will piss you off.”


Zero Dean

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