It’s not that we should wish to eliminate all challenges…

Excerpt from: Overcoming overwhelmed

It's not that we should wish to eliminate all challenges...

It’s not that we should wish to eliminate all challenges from our lives, but instead focus on developing the strength, discipline, and attitude necessary to effectively deal with each & every one that we encounter.


Originally Published on: Sep 30, 2015 @ 06:22

Talking yourself out of taking action

Talking yourself out of taking action

People sometimes have a tendency to beat down their ideas that they were once enthusiastic about. And as a result, they talk themselves out of taking action on things that could add value to their life. And in place of these ideas, they often do nothing – and so life goes on and nothing much changes.

Before you talk yourself out of things you are enthusiastic about by filling your head with doubt, ask yourself how avoiding fear & uncertainty will ultimately add value to your life. If it won’t, it might be time to consider that facing your doubts & fears is actually something that will still be good for you regardless of the outcome of your endeavor.

When discomfort doesn’t fade

When discomfort doesn't fade
In most cases – under normal circumstances – discomfort always fades. If, over a prolonged period of time, you find yourself increasingly uncomfortable with any aspect of your life – from your relationships to your mental or physical health to your career – that is a sign that something needs to change and it’s important to take action and do something about it.

While ventures beyond your comfort zone can be very rewarding & healthy, ignoring warning signs and subjecting yourself to long-term term physical or mental pain & suffering is not.

The surprising thing about rejection

Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled by Zero Dean

The surprising thing about rejection is how much we allow the fear of it to impact our lives, when in actuality, increasing the rate at which we’re rejected can be extremely beneficial. Putting ourselves in a position where rejection is possible is a sign that we’re attempting something that has the potential to push our boundaries – and by doing so, provide us with something we actually want. And even if we don’t get what we seek, the act of trying to get it provides us with valuable information that can aid us in future attempts & endeavors.

The fact is, by embracing rejection we increase the rate at which we get things we want. No, we won’t always get what we seek, but our attempts at actively getting it are far more likely to yield positive results than if we sit back and do nothing out of fear of being rejected.

The path less traveled is not a walk in the park

The path less traveled is not a walk in the park

While taking the path less traveled can be a very rewarding experience, it is not a walk in the park. Venturing along this path is an exploration of the unknown and an invitation to challenges that cannot be seen at the onset of your journey.

By its very nature, your unconventional journey will likely be one that many won’t understand. But remember, your life is yours to live as you choose. Although the risks are many and the challenges are numerous, so too are the rewards that await those who have the courage to venture off the beaten path.

Don’t let discouragement keep you from reaching your goals

Don't let discouragement keep you from reaching your goals

Don’t let discouragement keep you from reaching goals within your grasp. Understand that facing setbacks & being discouraged doesn’t have to lead to quitting. Change your tactics & strategy as needed, but only quit if you know it’s best for you. Otherwise, keep pushing yourself.

— Zero Dean (@ZeroDean) January 17, 2019