It doesn’t affect me

We live in a world where an unfortunate number of people believe that if something isn’t affecting them directly, it doesn’t matter.

And so people who could avoid making a problem worse don’t take action because they must be personally inconvenienced by something before deciding to do anything about it. And by then, the consequences are worse than they would have been — sometimes catastrophically & irreversibly.


It doesn't affect me

Corona virus is not overhyped

While you may think the Corona Virus is overhyped — and remain unconcerned because you’re not at a high risk of dying from it — that doesn’t mean the people you could give it to who could die from it feel the same way. The people dying are part of someone’s family.

This “I don’t care if I get the #coronavirus” attitude is a lot like the “I’ve had a few drinks but I’m good to drive” or “I’m good at texting & driving.”

It’s not always about *you* — it’s about the people you put at risk by being irresponsible.

Corona virus is not overhyped

Corona virus is not overhyped

“It’s just a joke”

Allowing yourself to be the subject of a joke every now and then can show that you don’t take things too seriously. Allowing yourself to become the brunt of jokes regularly can show you don’t take things seriously enough.

Every time you allow someone to disrespect you — even if it’s “just a joke” — you give them permission to do it again.

If you want respect, it’s important to set boundaries.

Friendly ribbing between genuine friends can be a sign of trust and affection, but being frequently showcased as a joke to an audience — particularly people who don’t know you

"It's just a joke" that well — is something else.

When is enough enough? When people are laughing and you’re not one of them.


The path towards a better life

Excerpt from my book:

If you want to get on the path towards a better life, you must decide that taking steps down that path is more important than the things that are keeping you from it.

You must no longer allow yourself to be held back by a lack of discipline, a lack of resources, a lack of motivation, or a lack of initiative. And you must no longer allow yourself to be held back by fear.

The path towards a better life

People in groups

People in groups are notoriously stupid – not because any individual is, but because people blindly trust & follow group consensus instead of their own common sense.

This is proven by social media every second and you are not immune.

Of course – groups of people can yield amazing things. But whether the outcome/output of a group is considered positive or negative or successful (or not), it has little to do with whether group dynamics are at play or not. They are an incredibly powerful force & few are immune.

People in groups