Newsletter: December 27, 2019

Happy New Year!

This is just a quick update to give you an idea of what’s going on in my life and some changes I’m making on social media.

For 2020, I’ve decided to convert my @zerodean.official Instagram to a private account and I’ve begun to purge followers I don’t recognize & never interact with.

By going private, I hope to establish a more meaningful & intimate connection with those who follow my personal Instagram by engaging with people more directly.

I have several thousand followers I don’t recognize (about 13,000 before I started purging), so if you do, in fact, want to continue following me and I purge you by accident, feel free to send a follow request. This isn’t about restricting access to my posts, it’s about increasing engagement and making sure that the people who want to see my posts actually do. And if you don’t want to be accidentally purged, be sure to engage with me or a post in some way so I recognize you.

Otherwise, you can follow my writing at and my photography at

My personal Instagram account will continue to contain a random assortment of posts – from photos and videos to musings and more. I also plan on posting more often.

I don’t care how many (or how few) people follow me. What I care about is the quality of the connection. Here’s to making 2020 about deeper & more meaningful connections.


Where am I?

After spending 3 or so weeks in Key West, I’m now in the Miami area. I’ve been waiting for the winter holidays to pass before re-engaging my video interview and podcast project about resilience and hope. Things should be picking up again on that front soon. I should also have some random photoshoots to do in the near future as well — just to keep things interesting.

And finally…

And finally, if you bought my book for yourself or someone else or received my book for the holidays, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you haven’t bought my book and are thinking about buying the digital edition, you may want to hold off a bit as I’m thinking about having another kindle sale in the near future.

Ok, that’s it for now. I hope are having a great holiday season. I hope those of you in cold areas are keeping warm — and those of you in warm areas are keeping cool!

Happy New Year!

Zero Dean

Zero Dean

Zero Dean

Author of Lessons Learned From The Path Less Traveled. Professional photographer. Filmmaker. Humorist. Into photography, art, kindness, compassion, and living beyond comfort. Normal is boring.