If you wouldn’t say it to someone when they’re present, then you probably shouldn’t say it about them when they’re absent.

Zero Dean

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Learn to let go.

Learn to let go.

When one learns to let go of the non-essentials that contribute very little value to their life, they create more space for things of higher value.

And sometimes what one values most from the removal of something from their life is the time & space that’s created by its absence.

Many people surround themselves with things that may, at one time, have been useful, but no longer serve the purpose for which they were acquired. They hold onto this “stuff” with the hope that it may one day once again be useful, but for most things, that day rarely comes. Think of fitness equipment gathering dust. Bottles. Old clothes.

Others remain habitually obligated to ongoing activities or functions that they’d no longer commit their time, energy, or resources to if they were to start over.

In both cases, people’s lives are adversely affected by a commitment to things they no longer value.

As one only has one life to live, it’s important to not waste it caught up in things that no longer matter — or in the acquisition and subsequent storage of items that add little to no value to their life.

Isn’t it time you take inventory of the things you value in your life and to let go of those things that are simply taking up your time or space and no longer serve you?

Use it or lose it.

Dramatic life changes can occur when one makes a conscious & deliberate effort to surround themselves with only those things that they truly value in life instead of being weighed down and exhausted by things that they don’t.

It’s not about how much the things that one has are worth, it’s about how much one values the things that they have.




Zero Dean

Zero Dean

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