It is a strange phenomenon when people put more effort into keeping their possessions in good condition than they do their own bodies.

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Doing Good

Doing Good


Being a do-gooder does not mean you have to be some lame watered down version of yourself. It doesn’t mean you can’t have an edge or act boldly. And it doesn’t mean you have to do all the same conventional good things as everyone else.

People who want to donate to charity can do that. People who want to volunteer for causes or join groups can do that, too. And there’s nothing wrong with any of these things.

People who do these things are awesome. And the world can always use more people doing them. But there’s also nothing wrong with finding your own unique ways to make a positive difference. Making someone’s day better for having been a part of it, that’s what matters.

Making someone laugh or smile. Giving someone a funny story to tell. Providing encouragement when it’s needed. Appreciation. Gratitude. Friendship. And providing not just a voice to those who need it, but a listening ear as well. These things matter. And are as equally needed in the world.

Being a do-gooder is about having a positive impact on the world around you and making people feel good.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to do it, just do it.

And when you make a positive difference, you won’t just see it, you’ll feel it, too. Because one of the fastest ways to feel good about yourself is to be genuinely good for someone else.

And there’s nothing lame or uncool about that.

So do your good in your own way. You never know when whatever good you offer in whatever way you offer it, is exactly what someone needed.

Originally published on: Jul 20, 2014


Zero Dean

Zero Dean

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