You may not always know what to do…

You may not always know what to do...

You may not always know what to do, but you can always choose the type of person you want to be.

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Find your own limits

Find your own limits

“You won’t get very far…”
“A person your age…”
“You can expect to feel…”
“Won’t you feel embarrassed…”

Find your own limits. Don’t become a victim of the limits that people place on you. You are not a stereotype or a statistic. You are a unique individual with unlimited potential.

You don’t have to constrain yourself to other people’s expectations. You don’t have to accept life as other people know it. Your life is as unique as you are. And you are as unique as you choose to be.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” — T.S. Eliot

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The unique you is beautiful

The unique you is beautiful

Your quirks. Your interest in unusual things. The small things that bring you joy. The odd things you do because they feel right to you. The unique things that you find funny — or fascinating — these are the things about you that make you truly unique and different from others — and they are among, if not the most beautiful things about you.

It can take bravery to be yourself and exert your individuality, but the alternative — to conform — is to become less of an individual. While there is an implied comfort & safety in conformity, conformity represents the ordinary. The status quo. And it is the enemy of creativity.

It is ok to fit in, but to actively change yourself to be just like the crowd is to yield your personal power & influence to others.

Every time you change something unique about yourself in order to be just like someone else, a piece of the best part of you dies.

Don’t think of it as being “weird” or “different”, think of it as being limited edition. Be extraordinary. Not ordinary.

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Don’t squander your potential…


Don't squander your potential...

“Don’t squander your potential living a life that amounts to far less than the one you are capable of living.” — Zero Dean

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Social Media casinos

The moment you begin liking or commenting on people’s posts on social media as an agreed-upon exchange of ‘value’ is the moment you are no longer being genuine. Once you start liking someone’s content without regard to whether you actually like it or not – because they’ve agreed to do the same for you – is the moment you become a servant to social media.

While everyone wants to feel like what they have to offer is of value, entering into agreements where you will engage with other people’s posts if they engage with yours means that the engagement is no longer prompted by the value something offers, but instead by the value you hope to get in exchange for your engagement.

Social media is already an unfair system – which is why people seek to find ways to outwit it – and, generally speaking, it’s foolish to think that changing your behavior to manipulate a system in your favor is something that hasn’t already been accounted for. Especially when social media is made up of millions of people just like you who are seeking ways benefit from it. With enough data, your response to your experience on social media becomes predictable.

Every action you perform on social media – and many that you perform on your phone or in your computer browser – are tracked and analyzed. And have been since you joined their system. This is not done for your benefit, but for theirs. Again, with enough data, your behavior becomes predictable – especially when collated with the data of millions (or billions) of other people.

Social media companies are like casinos, they exist to make money and the systems that allow them to do so are forever slanted in their favor. The more a company can manipulate people into changing their behavior, the more predictable people become and the more money a company can make.

If you’ve fallen into a pattern of changing your behavior on social media from what was once authentic & natural to something that is inauthentic & calculated in order to manipulate social media to work for you, understand that this behavior has already been accounted for and the only thing truly being manipulated is you.

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Social Media casinos

Social Media casinos

Authenticity vs conformity

Authenticity vs conformity

The act of trying to be normal is a form of approval-seeking. It’s a sign of being so concerned with what others think that you conform your behavior & looks to meet a subjective standard. It means regularly comparing yourself to others to ensure that you’re not doing anything out of the ordinary.

While there are certain accepted standards in every culture that are beneficial to abide to, being so concerned with what others think that you forfeit the things that make you unique & bring you pleasure, is to forfeit authenticity for conformity and personal power for approval.

It’s one person, not everyone

It's one person, not everyone


One person’s preferences are not representative of everyone’s preferences.

One person’s opinion is not representative of everyone’s opinion.

One person’s values are not representative of everyone’s values.

One person’s priorities are not representative of everyone’s priorities.

One person’s beliefs are not representative of everyone’s beliefs.

Carry on accordingly.

Be mindful of how your habits make you feel

Be mindful of how your habits make you feel

Be mindful of how you feel while or after you do things regularly. The things you do that are good for you will often make you feel better. Those that are not good for you will often make you feel worse – or simply use up your time without providing value.

Many people continue doing things that no longer add value to their lives because those things have become part of a routine that is acted upon without thinking.

Always be mindful of the things you do regularly and how those things make you feel – and be sure to discard those that no longer serve you.

Just because it’s a habit you’ve worked into your life doesn’t mean it makes you happy. Always strive to seek new habits that do.