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Newsletter: September 22, 2019

Newsletter: September 22, 2019

Newsletter: September 22, 2019

Hi Folks,

For the first time ever, the paperback edition of Lessons Learned From The Path Less Traveled is on sale. As of this post, it’s priced 16 cents more than the lowest price Amazon will allow. Which is to say, grab it at this price while you can — without regret — because:

This is likely the cheapest you will ever be able to get the paperback edition of my book — at least from Amazon.

And it’s not available anywhere else. So be sure to plan ahead for the upcoming holidays.

The digital edition is also on sale for $4.99 (retail $9.99), but if you buy the paperback, you can get a digital copy for only $1.99.

Regardless of which version you buy, I make less than $2 on the sale. And in some cases – such as international sales – pennies. So if you believe in what I do & wish to help support my efforts, please consider telling others about this sale & gifting the book to people you care about.

And if you like my book, a review on Amazon would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


I began my tour across the United States in late August. Pictures of my travels can be found on my personal Instagram. Also, after many years of wanting to, I started vlogging — evidence of this can be found on my Instagram via IGTV, but also on my ZDXP YouTube channel.

I’m reserving my primary channel for more refined — one might say, more serious — work. Still, it won’t hurt if you follow either of them.


It’s called The Lessons Learned From The Path Less Traveled Project.

For those who don’t know, I’m currently touring the USA with the purpose of interviewing interesting, inspiring & resilient people who’ve chosen unconventional paths, experienced uncommon things, or who have been subject to difficult or unusual conditions or circumstances on their journey.

These interviews will be released as a video documentary series and supplemented with an audio podcast. I’ve already met with a couple of people — with many more lined up — and have content in the works for both. The first podcast should be released within the next couple of weeks (or sooner) and will be followed up by the first video documentary.

You can read more about my project at — and if you know someone who might like to be a documentary subject or podcast guest, have them apply by following the “apply here” links on the site.

For my current location — including a nifty map of the stops I’ve made — and status, visit the current status page.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and thank you for your support! I hope my note finds you having a fantastic day.

Zero Dean

Newsletter: August 20, 2019

Newsletter: August 20, 2019

Hi folks,

So, I’m about to embark on a journey across the USA to connect with & interview as many interesting people as possible.

I will be doing this through a new venture of mine, From The Path Less Traveled Productions (

From the Path Less Traveled Productions was founded to provide motivation, support, and useful information to people on — or to those considering taking — unconventional & challenging paths in life.

FTPLT’s goal is to highlight the stories of interesting & tenacious individuals who’ve chosen unconventional paths, experienced uncommon things, or who have been subject to difficult or unusual conditions or circumstances on their journey in life and to provide a platform to share the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way.

FTPLT Production’s first project is a collaborative internet-based video documentary/podcast hybrid composed of video (and audio) interviews accompanied by still image portraits and supplemental video.

Now seeking…

If you’ve struggled at times and have learned valuable lessons as a result, I’d love to talk to you (whether you consider yourself successful or not). Because the fact is, the struggles of our lives often provide far more valuable lessons than our successes ever do. I want to help you share your story and the things you’ve learned along the way. — Zero Dean

Read more about this project at

Save big August 1 to August 7

Ok folks, here’s your chance to save big on my book from August 1 through August 7.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. My book is on sale on and Please know that even if you’re from another part of the world, you should be able to log into with your Amazon credentials and purchase my book for download.

2. The biggest savings are on day one where you can get my book for 71% off. Every 33 hours my book will increase in price by $1 until the end of August 7th (PDT). This page has a price chart.

3. You don’t need to own a kindle. You can read my book on any device. A phone, a laptop, a tablet, a PC…

4. Amazon makes it easy to give my book as a gift. You can buy as many copies of my book at the sale price as you want and gift them to others at a future date of your choosing (birthdays and other holidays).

5. I will make approximately 70% of whatever price you buy my book at. For example, if you buy my book for $2.99, I will earn approximately $2 (before taxes). If you feel like you’re getting a good deal, considering buying a second copy and then gifting it to someone who might find value in it.

6. If you like my work and want to help support me so I can continue sharing it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. While lots of people have raved about my book on social media, Amazon reviews are vital because they are visible to people who are considering a purchase.

Save big August 1 to August 7

Watch the promotional video
(and subscribe to my channel):

Save up to 71% off my book August 1-7, 2019

Hi Folks,

As promised, here’s my much-awaited update telling you how to save up to 71% off of Lessons Learned From The Path Less Traveled Volume 1!

As you may know, I gave away $26,000 worth of books for free on April 17th this year. This time around, I’m hoping to make at least a couple dollars for my effort.

If you are one of the people who were able to get a copy of my book for free — and you found value in it — it would be great if you took a moment to leave a review.

Starting on August 1 at 12 AM (PDT) I will be running a 7-day promotion on and

On day 1 of the promotion, my book will be available for $2.99 (71% off!). The next day, the price will increase to $3.99 and will continue to increase in price every 33 hours until the last day of the promotion on August 7, 11:59 PM (PDT).

Save up to 71% off my book August 1-7, 2019

Increment Duration Price % Discount
1 August 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM (PDT) 33h $2.99 71%
2 August 2, 2019 at 9:00 AM (PDT) 33h $3.99 61%
3 August 3, 2019 at 6:00 PM (PDT) 33h $4.99 51%
4 August 5, 2019 at 3:00 AM (PDT) 33h $5.99 41%
5 August 6, 2019 at 12:00 PM (PDT) 36h $6.99 31%
End August 7, 2019 at 11:59 PM (PDT) $9.99

Other news:

Remember that cross-country trip I mentioned a few months ago? It’s still happening. :) I will be traveling across the United States, writing & vlogging about the experience as well as seeking to meet and interview folks for a Youtube video series & podcast and content for a future book. You can see my casting call at: for more details.

I’m excited to get going! My current estimate has me departing southern California in the first week of August. I’ll have much more news about this in the coming weeks.

Until then, if you want to do me a favor, please let anyone you think might be interested in a copy of my book know about the upcoming promotion!

Thanks for reading!

I hope my note finds you having a fantastic day.


Kindle Unlimited (and my Amazon store)

For those who missed my free book promotion, you can still read my book for free by signing up for a 30 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited. See:

Kindle Unlimited (and my Amazon store)

Kindle Unlimited is the Netflix of books. For only $9.99 per month (which you can cancel at any time), you get unlimited access to millions of books that you can read on any device. Better yet, you get a 30-day free trial to test the service. So you can read as many books as you can during those 30 days – including mine. :)

Casting: Interview subjects for A Path Less Traveled Production

Casting: Interview subjects for A Path Less Traveled ProductionCasting a collaborative ongoing internet-based video podcast/documentary composed of video interviews of talent accompanied by still image portraits & supplemental video.

Seeking to highlight professional & aspiring artists of all kinds (performers, entertainers, musicians, image creators, models, and more), the stories they have to tell, and the causes they want to talk about.

We will be taking an honest look at artists’ successes, setbacks, failures, and struggles in life and the lessons they’ve learned as a result. We highly desire anyone who is currently on or who has experienced an unconventional path in life. This includes unconventional jobs, life circumstances, living arrangements, and more. But anyone with an interesting story to tell is welcome.

Your story, struggles, and what you’ve learned on your journey are of far more interest to us than how successful (or not) you consider yourself or what you look like.

See the original post on Backstage


Interview subject

Seeking subjects willing to talk about their lives and challenges they’ve faced including setbacks, failures, passions, art, inspirations, special talents, interesting stories, causes you believe in, and more. Because this is a collaborative experience, the exact outcome will vary with each individual. Select portraits of subjects will be highlighted in the podcast as well as video interviews. With your permission, filming may involve accompanying you during your day to capture you doing what you do.


This is a nationwide multi-month project starting in Southern California and making its way to other locations across the United States based on accepted applicants.

Now seeking people from the path less traveled!

Hey folks!

My youtube channel gets underway in May whether I have anyone lined up for interviews or not. But it would be amazing if you — or anyone you know who might be interested — got in touch with me.

As you are likely aware, I will be traveling across the United States this summer and will be vlogging about the experience. I will also be seeking out and meeting up with folks who are on unconventional journeys in life.

I already have a homesteader/off-gridder lined up in Colorado, a life adventurer in Salt Lake City, and a beekeeper lined up in Virginia. I’d love to have a few more targets to aim for.

As the image below shows, I will be vlogging about my daily life-on-the-road as I travel as well as sharing lessons inspired by my road trip as well as those from my book.

This will essentially be the birth of a youtube channel, so even I don’t know what to expect. But I’m hoping it will be interesting to watch no matter what.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to pop over and hit that subscribe button. And if you want to be notified of new videos, be sure to hit that bell.

Now seeking people from the path less traveled!