Kindle sale $5.19

The normal price of the Kindle edition of my book is $9.99. Amazon recently suggested that $5.19 might be the sweet spot price in prompting enough additional sales that I might actually earn more royalties than I would if I keep the price at $9.99.

So I’m going to run a test for the next week or two to see if there’s any truth to that. So if you’d like to pick up a copy of my book for almost 50% off, now is a good time. Or if you know someone who might want to read it, now would be a good time to let them know.

If I do see an increase in sales, I may just keep it at $5.19. If not, it’s back to $9.99 — as my book has actually been doing quite well at that price point recently. And yes, it’s currently discounted on Amazon sites worldwide.

Oh, and if you’re not following me on Amazon, why don’t you go ahead and do that. :)

Kindle sale .19

August 8, 2020:

The odd irony here is that whenever I reduce the price of my book, I sell fewer copies, not more. And that’s what has happened here. So, as of today, I’m adjusting the sale price to its usual $9.99.

New site notifications settings

You know how it’s nice to be able to turn on notifications for people you follow online on Youtube or Instagram? You now have that same option when it comes to the content on my site.

Simply visit (works best with chrome browser) and when the receive notifications window pops up, click yes.

New site notifications settings

Then click “allow” when the next “show notifications” window pops up.

New site notifications settings

That’s it!

Now the next time I post content on my site, you will receive a notification on your Mac, PC, or Android phone (not available on iOS devices at this time).

New site notifications settings

The great thing about this option is you get it almost instantly. No more waiting several hours or more before an email shows up in your inbox.

And yes, you can easily unsubscribe from notifications at any time.