Getting your money’s worth

Getting your money's worth

The fact is, we often pay much more for the expensive features that a product offers than we would if we simply purchased something that met the demands of what we needed it for. And then we often fail to get our money’s worth from this product because the expensive features we paid for were never the driving force behind why we wanted it in the first place.

Flashy new cars

Flashy new cars

Often, the desire for instant gratification makes us blind to the long-term impact that our purchases can make. A few days of elation can quickly be replaced by the reality of the impact that what we bought will have on our lives.

Nearly every possession we acquire comes with strings attached. Flashy new cars are often accompanied by years of loan payments. And anything that requires a collar comes with an invisible leash between owner and animal. And with the exception of the digital products we purchase, everything we buy requires spaces in which to store it.