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Zero Dean

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GoWesty's May 2015 Newsletter

The freedom to be

Are we free if we live our lives in a way that consistently requires the approval of others to be truly happy?

Are we free if we consistently force ourselves to live within the confines of other people’s expectations?

Are we free if we consistently dilute our true selves to make others happy?

Are we free if our emotions and mental state are easily controlled by what others say or do?

Are we free if we cannot consider an opposing point of view without getting emotional or immediately dismissing it because it contradicts our own beliefs?


These are limitations we place on ourselves. They are, quite simply, bad habits.

The good news is that, as habits, we can replace them with better, far more empowering options if we so choose.

It may take work to rewrite years of mental and emotional constraints, but who is in charge of your life?

You are.

When you truly know who you are — and who you are in the process of becoming — you will no longer live in fear of what people say or think about you.”

Whether it’s strong, confident, carefree, independent or all of the above, give yourself the freedom to be as you truly wish to appear to others.

Don’t give power to those who don’t have your best interest in mind. Reclaim the freedom to be your true self by defining your own identity and wrestle back control of your thoughts, feelings, and sense of self-worth from those you have inadvertently given power over you.






Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine…

Excerpt from: Not everyone will understand your journey.

“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.” — Zero Dean

September 30, 2015:

quote-investigator-banner-smallToday I am truly honored by Quote Investigator (AKA Garson O’Toole), a person whose work I’ve respected for quite some time.

After thorough research, Garson has concluded that I am the author of the often shared, but rarely attributed quote, “Not everyone will understand your journey…“.

Thank you, Garson. It truly is an honor.

In 2015, on Facebook alone, “Not everyone will understand your journey…” has been shared with over 15 20 MILLION people …

Which is kind of great. I’m extremely pleased that people like the message so much! The only issue is that it’s being shared without any attribution and often with someone else’s company, logo, and/or website attached.

[From Reddit to Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, this actually happens with many of the things I’ve written, but this is the most popular and also most “dear” to me because it’s so reflective of my personal journey that inspired it.]

If you see my work in the wild without proper attribution, it would be tremendously helpful to me and those who might appreciate some of the other things I’ve written if you mentioned the source.

~ Thank you.