The master of your destiny

The master of your destiny

People often know exactly what they need to do to get the results they want, but fail to start because they don’t want to put in the work or subject themselves to the discomfort necessary to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Don’t fall victim to your brain telling you that it doesn’t want to do something — that could benefit you or others — because it is challenging or uncomfortable.

Most things you think are difficult to do at the beginning get easier with repetition. Not because the task gets easier, but because you get better at it. Stronger.

Every challenge you face and overcome today helps provide you with the strength & knowledge necessary to overcome the challenges you face tomorrow.

You have it within you to be the master of your destiny by resolving to bravely face the challenges necessary to get the positive results you want in life.

But you must stop trying to cheat your way through life by looking — or waiting indefinitely — for the magic pill or shortcut that never comes.

Do what is necessary to get the results you desire, and the discomfort you feel at the beginning of your journey will greatly diminish — or go away completely — if you commit yourself to getting through it without giving up.

Don’t sacrifice the kind of life and health you truly desire by catering to your short-term comfort over your long-term goals.


Genuine kindness doesn’t have ulterior motives.

Genuine kindness doesn’t have ulterior motives.

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” — Samuel Johnson

The reward for being kind is inherent in the act of giving it.

“Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” — Leo Buscaglia

Give kindness and do good because you can. Because the world needs more people who do. And there’s no better person to do it than you.


Your life story


“Today, I persevered.”
“Today, I tried something new.”
“Today, I learned a new skill.”
“Today, I made someone smile.”
“Today, I went outside my comfort zone.”
“Today, I encouraged someone.”
“Today, I showed appreciation & gratitude.”
“Today, I made progress toward my goals.”
“Today, I was a force for good.”
“Today, I loved everything about how I acted and how I lived.”

“Today, was a great day.”

Your life story is written by you — one day at a time. Make it worth telling.


If you build it…

Sunshine on your skin.
The smell of coconut oil.
The clink of ice in your drink.
Sand under your feet.
A gentle breeze.
The sound of birds.
Distant laughter.
Waves crashing.
A smile on your face.
And total relaxation of your mind, body, and soul.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it today, is to take 60 seconds or more painting your own vivid mental picture of what peace, happiness, and relaxation means to you today, breathing deeply, and simply enjoying it.


Empower yourself

Yes, there are a lot of problems in the world. And the media is happy to share them with you.

One of the most deceptively easy ways to start feeling bad about things is to start focusing on all these problems — and/or your own — without putting in quality time to focus on solutions and ultimately taking action.

The chances of miraculously solving all of your own or the world’s problems by focusing on how bad they make you feel are next to none.

Casually or subconsciously focusing on problems is one of the quickest ways to feel overwhelmed — and many times you won’t even realize why you suddenly feel miserable, only that you do.

If you’re not willing and/or able to commit to action and taking steps to change something for the better, then simply acknowledge your negative thoughts for the time being and move on to something more productive, more positive, more empowering.

Especially if you’re prone to depression.

It is totally ok not to start a project when you don’t have the strength, focus, or tools necessary to complete it.

Gather your tools and the right mindset, and have a strategy. Then you can tackle your problems with intention.

Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Along those lines, I say we can’t solve life’s toughest problems from a state of mental or emotional weakness. Rather than make things better, attempting to do so often makes things appear worse. That’s when you, instead, focus on something else.

And if you ever find yourself stuck having to take action, and you have neither the tools or the strength necessary to do it, then reach out to someone who at least has the potential to help you.

There are always people out there willing to help you in any way they can. Even when they, too, have their own problems.

One of the greatest ways to feel empowered and valuable is to find a way to help someone else.

And by doing so, you might just find someone willing and able to help you solve your own problems. Or together, problems you weren’t capable of solving alone.

Student says, “I am very discouraged. What should I do?” Master says, “Encourage others.” — Zen Proverb

Synergy is a wonderful thing.



Life is short.


Life is short.

Have a purpose. Set goals. Complete as many as possible.

Live with intention. Don’t waste your time caught up in things that don’t matter. But take time to smell the flowers or stare up at the sky and marvel in wonder.

Live with integrity. Set the example you’d like to see.

Connect with those things that fuel your passions.

Stray from your comfort zone now and again. Try new things. Stretch yourself.

Find someone or something you can be good for.

Wear your invisible cape.

Every day.

Even on Mondays.



Here’s to the content creators

When was the last time you got something of value for free on the Internet?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it today, is to give thanks or show appreciation to the person, people, or company that provides (or provided) something you enjoy.

Be it an article, blog post, recipe, photograph, work of art, piece of music, podcast, comic, your favorite artist or musician or website or whatever — take 2 minutes to go give thanks or appreciation to a content creator.

(Not the person, site, or company that shared the artist’s work, I mean the actual creator. The musician, the photographer, the artist, the writer, the company… The thing you appreciate originated from somewhere. Where? Who created it?)

In a world that wants everything for free, content creators often go undervalued and unappreciated.

Take the 2 minutes to write a sincere email or leave a comment for someone. Even if you don’t expect it will ever be read.

Chances are it will, and even it isn’t read by the person it was intended for, it sets a good example.

But above all, you’ll feel good about showing appreciation.

And if it’s not already something you do regularly, you might just find that you enjoy it so much that you want to make a habit of it.


Be a bright spot in someone’s day.


It is so easy to be a bright spot in someone’s day.

If it wasn’t on your to do list, why don’t you go ahead and add it.

Be someone’s reason to smile today.

And if you like it, be someone’s reason to smile every day.

You never know, you might just turn into a bright spot in someone’s life. :)