What you should know about my book

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What you should know about my book

You can find the following information (taken directly from my book) on book details page. There is also a PDF file available to get a sneak-peak at the layout and additional contents.

  • What this book is
  • Who this book is for
  • What this book is not
  • The personal element
  • For your consideration
  • Your feedback is welcome
  • Author’s confession


  • Choose your own adventure
  • Contemplate the content
  • If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you
  • Repetition


  • Who is this person?
  • Catalysts of insight
  • Labels shmabels
  • Motivational blah blah

Be in the book

The latest details about this opportunity will always be listed at zerodean.com/book.


For a chance to be included in my book (with credit, of course), simply answer the following question:

  • What is one of the most significant, powerful, or important lessons you’ve learned in life? (And how has it made a difference in yours). If it helps, consider the book’s topics listed below.

Topics covered include: Attitude, gratitude, kindness, confidence, authenticity, tolerance, leadership, success, failure, happiness, living beyond comfort, integrity, health, fitness, wellness, communication, relationships, personal responsibility, and more.

The most fitting answers will be included on the *chapter heading pages (24 in total). *Or most appropriate spot as determined. If your words are chosen, I will contact you with more detail. To provide your answer, you can contact me in any means that works for you — but here’s my contact page.

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