Tell me about the waiting list and early access edition…

Get on the waiting list for an early access edition…

Before my book is made available through major channels (like Amazon), I will be ordering an allotment of books (based on interest) to personalize (I will sign them and/or inscribe them and/or create a personalized doodle just for you) and ship directly to readers. These books will come directly from my hands to yours.

Benefits of signing up for an early access edition:

  1. Your book will be personalized by the author (signed & inscribed to you or anyone you gift it to)
  2. You will receive your book weeks before it’s available anywhere else
  3. You will be one of the first in the world to get one of the first copies of the first edition of this book available anywhere
  4. You are under no obligation to buy the book until it is ready to be shipped to you

To get the benefits above, get on the waiting list. This will allow me to email you with updates when I have them and ask for your details (personalization instructions, address, billing) when I’m ready.

About the waiting list:

Getting on the waiting list is obviously not an obligation to buy the book.

The “waiting list” is simply an email updates list specifically for those who want information about my book(s). It’s a way for me to provide you with information about the status of my book and how to get it.

When the time is right, I will be contacting people on the waiting list and taking orders. Your order will ensure that I commit to buying enough copies for my personal inventory to sign & inscribe before shipping them directly to you.

Unless you show up at a book signing, this will likely be one of very few opportunities to get a personalized copy. And it will certainly be the only opportunity to get one of the very first copies ever sold.

Want to sign up?

Go back up the sign-up form to get on the waiting list.