Is your book just a collection of work you’ve already shared?

Although there is new content throughout my books, the bulk of my books contain content that has been previously published online. However, nearly all of that content has been updated, edited, or completely overhauled where necessary. So, in many cases, even old content is like new.

The lessons I share on are very much like a rough draft — or a foundation — of content that I share in my books.

Additionally, the lessons in my books have been painstakingly organized in such a way that if you read the books/chapters in chronological order, the lessons build upon each other. Everything fits together in a cohesive way.

But at the same time, the books are designed in a way that allows you to open them from nearly any page and begin reading. My books are designed to be plucked off a shelf, opened to any page, read & considered, and then put back until they are desired again. They are meant to be dipped into again and again.

They truly are choose-your-own-adventure to fit the style of reading you prefer.