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I gave away $25,784.19 worth of books in a single day!

I’m happy to announce that I was able to give away $25,784.19 worth of books on April 17th!

This exceeded my expectation by far and I’m really happy to have been able to get my book into the hands of so many people all over the world!

Also, a big thanks from me to anyone who helped make this possible. I know a number of people posted on social media, which I’m sure made a significant difference. So thank you!

For anyone who missed out — or anyone who might know someone who might appreciate a discounted copy of my book — I will be running 4 more FLASH SALES within the next 2 months. They will likely only take place for a fraction of a day and not a full 24 hours like I did on the 17th.

The first promotion will knock 70% off the price of my book. Followed by 50%, 30%, and 10%.

I literally spent all day April 17th telling as many people that my book was free. For the flash sales, I will be spending far less time promoting. So if you know someone who wants to be alerted to when these happen, have them subscribe to my newsletter. They can also subscribe to my blog — I just have to make sure to run these promotions on a Mon, Wed, or Fri! :)

In any case, I hope everyone who wanted a free copy got theirs!


(Tech Support) My book is FREE TODAY April 17, 2019

I wouldn’t normally send out two posts in one day, but this is time sensitive. I want to help those who are having trouble getting my book for free…

First, it is *definitely* available on Amazon sites *worldwide* today. A few people have had issues, but ultimately figured out a way to get it.

Make sure you are on the “kindle/ebook” tab – or find that option. You may need to do a direct search for my name or the title of the book and then go that route. I’m not sure what time zone this promotion is synced with – or how any of that works — so it’s possible it may be expired in some countries already (haven’t checked a clock).

All I can say is keep trying — because I can tell you as of this post I have given away 1,637 copies around the globe.

Ranking in “sales” today: US, India, Canada, UK, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Japan, France.

DIRECT LINK TO EBOOK: | | | | | | | | | | | |

Again, this will be the only time I do this and it is my only real chance to “easily” get my book into the possession of people who might benefit from it, so if you know someone who might be interested in it, please let them know as soon as possible in whatever way you can. Thank you.

And if you find value in my book, please be sure to leave a review on Amazon. That would be immensely appreciated!

I will actually have more cool news soon! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel If you like my book, you’re going to enjoy my youtube videos.

May the love you put into what you do always find its way back to you,
Zero Dean

My book is free on Amazon today (4/17) only

The ebook version ($9.99) of my book, Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled Volume 1 will be FREE all day on today (4/17).

Just click the “buy now for $0.00” button and you’ll own it forever and can read it whenever on any device.

I don’t make any money from this promotion, so I’m only doing it once. It is my hope, however, that it helps drum up additional interest and also yields additional reviews to help solidify its nearly 5-star rating.

Even though it’s free, I’d still love to use this opportunity to get as many copies into circulation as possible, so if you know anyone (friends, family members, coworkers…) who might appreciate a free book or potentially benefit from its content, please give them a heads up. That would be awesome.

It is unclear to me if this is an Amazon.COM exclusive, or if this promotion is active on international Amazon sites. In any case, grab it while you can, tell anyone you think might care, and please consider leaving a review if you find value in it.



Newsletter: April 10, 2019

Ok, folks! Here’s the news some of you have been waiting for!

The Kindle edition of my book which regularly sells for $9.99 will be totally free — for one day only — on Wednesday, April 17th!

Set an alarm (or reminder) on your phone right now for April 17th. And then tell anyone you care about that my book will be free.

This is a $10 gift from me to you — or from you to anyone you care about. I want people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford my book — or who wouldn’t otherwise know it exists — to have a chance to read it. Because that’s what authors want — READERS! And I poured my heart into this book with the hope it would provide value to people.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t own a Kindle device.”, you don’t have to! The Kindle app can be installed on any phone, tablet, or computer, too.

You might also be wondering how I’ll make any money if I give my book away for free? The truth is, I don’t. I don’t make a cent.

But one potential benefit I do get is more great reviews to help solidify the solid rating my book already has and more positive word of mouth that will hopefully lead to more book sales later.

And one final thing to observe is that the paperback edition is truly the ideal version of my book because it’s intended to be “dipped into”, but the ebook is a great introduction and has all the same information.

I’m hoping that those who love the ebook may actually want to help support my work by upgrading to the print edition. And that would be awesome.

One last thing, if you already own my book — and you enjoyed it — please take a moment to leave a review. I’d really, really, really appreciate it.

In summary:

My book will be free on Wednesday April 17th. Set a reminder or an alarm and tell everyone you care about (please). Text your friends. Call your family. Share this news on social media. Just help me let people know about this news. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

I will actually have more cool news soon! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. If you like my book, you’re going to enjoy my youtube videos.

May the love you put into what you do always find its way back to you,
Zero Dean