Book Update : October 18, 2018

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I just updated the “book” page on my website to reflect the latest information, so I thought I would post it here as well.

There’s a new FAQ section on that page with some new information you might want to check out. Just follow the link above to the book page.

Also, all of my sites have gotten a bit of a refresh lately. Of most interest might be the videos featured on the front page of I’ll be making other tweaks & updates here and there this week to get things back “up-to-date”. I mean, wow… you turn away for just a second and 2 years goes by like that. Scary.

Most current news:

I’m currently considering ways to release my book(s) without the personal narrative that is holding them up (see backstory below). I feel that the personal narrative adds immense value to the books (much like a rug can really tie a room together) — and releasing them without it is not the vision I have for the series.

But I also think the lessons — 95% of which have been finished since 2016 — are powerful. And the sooner I publish my book(s), the sooner the lessons can start making a difference in people’s lives. And, ultimately, that’s my goal.

So I may publish editions of the book(s) without the narrative and then publish revised editions later containing new and updated content (including corrections). In fact, I may make annual editions.


Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey
Lessons Learned from the Path Less Traveled

Book 1
2019 edition

Releasing my book(s) this way is not ideal, but “done is better than perfect”. The fact I’ve been so close to publishing for so long has been a thorn in my side. There is something to be said about following through with one’s goals.

• • •

Didn’t I allude to that in the last update?

For those of you subscribed to my book updates, yes, I kind of mentioned this might be the case. But now I’m actually taking steps to make it happen. Of course, it’s all somewhat dependent on a number of things happening in my life, but as much as I can devote time to getting this first book out, I will. And if that means publishing it in a way that doesn’t exactly meet my vision — so be it.


I originally wrote a single massive book of lessons — I just didn’t know it because it was in digital format.

When I received my editor’s copy in late 2016, I realized it was simply too big.  After considering my options, I decided to split the book into three volumes. I also saw this as an opportunity to add something to the books that I felt they were lacking.

Although the book I’d written had a personal element to it, I thought it would benefit from a more direct connection between the lessons being shared and some of the experiences that spawned them.

So rather than publish my book, I decided to split it into three volumes and add content that would help fill in some details left unexplained by the personal entries that begin each chapter.

And while I truly feel that the personal narrative makes the existing content more powerful — and my journey more relatable — writing it isn’t easy. In fact, writing the personal element of my books has been far more difficult than any of the lessons.

As I continued to work on the narrative, my progress slowed as I wrestled with writing. And then it stopped completely. So I took some time off and pursued other ventures.

Tell me what you think

I’d love to know what you think about this decision to publish without the complete content — and if you’re still interested in purchasing a copy of that edition. Of course, you’ll still be entitled to an early access signed/inscribed edition at less than 50% off the cover price. But if you decide the “incomplete” edition is not for you — I will provide the same benefits on the future “complete” release. It just might take a while.

Feel free to reply to this email — I should receive your reply. Alternatively, I just re-opened my facebook group/community. You’re welcome to stop in and leave a comment. Don’t be scared. These are good people — just like you.

Before I go…

I’m trying to make more of an effort to connect with people lately — I kind of crawled under a rock for a while. So if you feel like reaching out on social media or via email, feel free.

I’m not a big fan of social media, but despite the negatives, I do feel that it can be used for good — which is why I’m there. I’ve been a fair bit more active on Facebook and Instagram lately. See the links on my site if you’d like to connect that way.

Ok, that’s it for now. I hope my update finds you happy & healthy. This has been a rough year for me, but the upside to that is there are always lots of lessons to be learned — which I can then turn into a positive by sharing them with others.

Be excellent to each other.