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Book Update : November 25, 2018

Get an advanced copy of my new book. Details here...

Hi Folks,

So here’s the scoop…

After spending nearly all of my time since the last update writing and editing, I’m pleased to inform you that:

Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled™ Volume 1 is essentially finished!

I still have some proofreading to do (as well as have others doing), so some minor changes will likely occur, but as it stands, here are the approximate stats:

  • 340 pages
  • 400 lessons
  • 100,000 words

And I even managed to work in a personal element I’m happy with. So no major compromises there! All in all, this is actually a much better book than the one I was originally intending to release.

Fun fact:

This book was originally going to be a compendium of my work, but as it turns out, even after all the content I managed to write and stuff into it, I still have nearly another book’s worth of notes to work from. So I opted to give this one the “Volume 1” designation because a second volume seems more than likely (if I can manage my time to work on it).

What’s next? (Proofreaders wanted):

I currently have one person helping me with proofreading (and she’s amazing), but if this sounds like something you might be interested in, please let me know. Your job as a proofreader would be to review a PDF of content I send you (usually a chapter), carefully look for typos as well as point out anything that might require changing (without being a grammar nazi). You must know how to add “notes/comments” to a PDF (it’s easy) and then be able to email the PDF with notes back to me for review.

When is LLFTPLT Vol 1 going to be published?

The book will be published shortly after I am confident that 99.9% of typos are eliminated. This could take another month or two. My public release date is “First quarter 2019“, but it could be as soon as sometime in December if I can get everything properly proofread.

Early Access Editions

Once the book has been properly proofread, I’ll be taking orders from those who want early access editions (signed & discounted copies). Before I order books, I’ll send you information on how to pay for your early access edition + shipping (probably up to about $20 total for US residents). At that price, my “profit” on the early access editions will likely be around $2-$4 per book before taxes. The book has an anticipated cover price of $27.95. Obviously, if you want to show your support by paying up to the retail price, you are welcome to.


Once folks have ordered their early access editions, the book will be made available on at its cover price. Additionally, your local bookstores will have the option to stock the book on their shelves, but since I’m an unknown author without a PR firm or publishing company backing me, they likely won’t. Things could change though. So I’ll have more news on actual availability once the book is published.

For the time being:

  1. I am not accepting any payments at this time. I will let you know when that time will be.
  2. I will accept payments via PayPal, Venmo, Squarecash…
  3. I will collect your information when I ask for your payment for the early access edition (name, address, book inscription/doodle request…)
  4. There will only be a short window of time (5-7 days) open to order & pay for your early access edition(s). After that window closes, the only way to get the book will be through retail channels at the cover price (or at whatever discount they decided to sell it at). I may, however, sell signed copies from my website at some point.
  5. The downside to the early access editions is that no matter how many copies I “sell”, because I’m buying them (at cost) they will not count towards the sales of my book or factor into any sales lists. Nor will you be able to leave a review on Amazon as a confirmed buyer. So I hope those who do order the book tell their friends about it (if you actually find value in it). Otherwise, my book may look DOA simply because everyone who was interested in it bought the early access editions.

Anyway, I’ll share more details as soon as I can.

I hope you are all enjoying the season!