Book Update : Jan 2, 2017

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Hi Folks! Happy New Year!

Here is the current status of my book series. Please note, the latest news is nearly always on the official book page (even before these updates are sent out).

The single book I was writing will now be a series of THREE books of roughly 250 to 300 pages each.

The lessons that make up the bulk of the content in each of the volumes are essentially finished. However, in addition to the journal entries that accompany each chapter of the books, I’m currently writing a series of personal narratives (25 in total — which accompany each chapter) that provide much more insight into my journey and the experiences from which many of the lessons in the books were born. It is in these narratives that I discuss things that I’ve never shared with anyone.

When complete, the narratives that stream through all three volumes will nearly be a book of its own. And while these narratives were not part of my original vision for the books (I was trying to get away with just including my journal entries), I now feel they are absolutely crucial to making the books work as intended.

As with the lessons in the books, the narratives are not only designed to be read in any order, they also build upon and reinforce each other if you read them in order. Every single piece of content in these books, including the narratives, is written to be as concise as possible (no fluff!) while providing as much value as possible. It is a tricky thing — and sometimes slow going — but I feel it is much more effective at creating a more complete “experience” for people and it reflects the kind of content I enjoy reading.

It drives me crazy when I read a chapter of a book that could easily be condensed to a couple pages — or an entire book that could be summed up just as well in a single chapter. I’m working very hard to create the kind of books where every page matters. But as this entire book writing process is new to me, I sometimes find myself struggling  — which I don’t really mind. As there are numerous lessons to be learned and challenges to overcome. But I do find myself disappointed at the delays.

I’m very eager to share these books with you… when they’re ready.

Speaking of which… my best guess for the availability of BOOK ONE is March 2017 — but again, this is a guess. You can be certain that as soon as I have more information to share with you, I will.

Thanks for reading. And again, Happy New Year (Remember this day)!


Zero Dean

PS. People sometimes ask me if there is anything they can do to help. Right now, the most helpful thing you can do is to help create an awareness for my book(s). If you think people might be interested in my work, I love it when folks refer others to my book page. Thank you!