Book Update : Oct 16, 2016

Hi Folks,

I recently came to the realization that in order for the 25 personal entries (that accompany the 25 chapters) of my book to have the greatest impact, they need to be put in context. Currently, my personal pieces simply exist as self-contained entities. For example, after the intro, the book starts with Day 15: Denied entry into Canada. The next personal entry I share in the following chapter is Day 95: Pop quiz, hotshot. You’re dying. What do you do? and, other than the story I tell, provides little indication of what is happening in my life or what has happened in the previous 80 days. I feel I need to remedy this, but it’s going to take some time — and additional pages.

Yesterday, I wrote the context for Day 15 to account for the 15 days since my journey began. It added roughly 1.5 pages to my book. If I do this for all the entries that follow, this will add roughly 35 pages to my book and bring it closer to 500 in total. This also raises the cost of printing

As my book currently stands, it is approximately 102,000 words. And it’s a big hefty book. Which is nice, but it’s also not the easiest thing to “grab and go”. It may also be information overload for some people.

This is why I’m now considering breaking it into two books.

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey : Lessons learned from the path less traveled.


  • Chapter 1: Break on through
  • Chapter 2: Are you awake?
  • Chapter 3: Living with intention
  • Chapter 4: Taking action
  • Chapter 5: Living a life you’re proud of
  • Chapter 6: Attitude & approach
  • Chapter 7: Focus & attention
  • Chapter 8: Personal responsibility
  • Chapter 9: Self-discipline
  • Chapter 10: Personal goals
  • Chapter 11: Living beyond comfort
  • Chapter 12: Confidence & criticism
  • Chapter 13: Self-talk


  • Chapter 14: Authenticity & being yourself
  • Chapter 15: Kindness
  • Chapter 16: Tolerance
  • Chapter 17: Leadership, influence & character
  • Chapter 18: The path less traveled
  • Chapter 19: Success & failure | Materialism & accomplishment
  • Chapter 20:  Happiness | Unhappiness
  • Chapter 21: Wellness
  • Chapter 22: Interacting with others
  • Chapter 23: Communication
  • Chapter 24: Role models & the media
  • Chapter 25: Misc

Book 1 would be 235 pages as it stands today and closer to 250 with the pending changes. Book 2 would likely be very close to that.

Breaking up my work into two books would have the following benefits:

  • It will cost less (to buy and to ship)
  • It will be easier to physically carry with you and read
  • And most importantly, I’ll be able to release Book 1 much sooner than if I have to wait until all content is finished. As it is, if I release my book as a single volume while also trying to get in all the necessary changes, it almost certainly won’t be available during the holiday shopping window. I may still miss getting the book out for the holidays if I break it into two, but if I don’t, I almost certainly will.

Again, this is only a consideration. I haven’t made a final decision about splitting up my book.

For those concerned about how splitting the book up into two affects the presentation, the split in the lessons actually comes at a very natural break.

If you have a strong opinion about this, please feel free to share it with me.

Thanks for reading. More news when I have it.


PS. For those who sent feedback about the covers, here is a rendition of the 3rd option featuring the easy-to-read design of the dark cover, but with the colors of the bright one.


Book Update : Oct 14, 2016


Hi Folks!

Well, things are getting real!

I currently have 3 proofreading copies of my book in my possession. I must say, it’s pretty exciting to finally see my work in its intended form!

It’s also interesting to note this is a pretty hefty book (current version is 444 pages and just a couple hundred words shy of 100,000).

The picture above features two competing covers. Both have gotten a good reception, but based on feedback, I’ll be creating a 3rd version which features the design of the dark book with the colors of the bright book. What you can’t see very well in the picture is that the dark cover has text in the background. It’s easier to see in the mockup (click the blue square book image on the book page to zoom in). If you’re interested, I may hold a poll to see which cover most people find appealing.


I’m now working with proofreaders to correct any and all issues including:

  • Missing words
  • The wrong word used (example: “right” vs “write”, “isn’t” vs “it’s”, and other really silly stuff)
  • Pieces that lack impact or don’t flow correctly
  • Semi-nonsensical or confusing statements (yes, it happens)
  • Etc.


If you’re interested in being a proofreader, contact me (and say so) and I’ll work with you to determine which chapter or section of the book to send you (in PDF format) for review and feedback. 


Release schedule:

It’s hard to estimate exactly when my book will be available for order. Once the proofreading process has eradicated as many issues as possible and there’s nothing left to do, advanced copies will be ordered, inscribed, and sent to those who signed up for them. At this point — and if everything goes smoothly — this likely won’t happen until November. I’ve never gone through the book writing, editing, and publishing process before, so my early estimates were a bit ambitious with regard to how much time each stage would take.

The mainstream release of Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey (online ordering through Amazon…) will follow a few weeks after advanced copies are shipped — likely in December (although it’s possibly it may slip to January).

Please know, I really want this book available for the winter holidays, so I’m really pushing to have it available by then. The sooner, the better. I want folks to have it as quickly as possible, but I also want to make sure it’s a book I can be proud of.

Ok, that’s it for news for now.

More news when I have it.

Thanks for reading.


Book Update : Sept 15, 2016

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since I’ve sent any updates regarding my book, so here’s the latest news. (If you are on my advanced copy waiting list, you’ve already seen a version of this).

For my blog subscribers: I will resume posting new content once finishing my book isn’t the central focus of my life.


NOTE: is nearly always updated to reflect the latest information

Here is where things stand as of Sept 15…

Today I’m editing the final existing piece in my book. This is basically previously written content that needs to be updated to reflect the style in which I’ve written the book as well as to reflect my current views. I’m hoping to be done with that today.

Next up:

Due to the editing process, the number of pages in my book have dropped from a high of about 465 pages down to 437. However, I literally have hundreds (if not thousands) of notes I want to review and write a few new pieces (lessons) from. My book already has several new pieces, but I’d like to add a few more to get my book closer to the 450 pages I originally anticipated.

These new pieces will take me anywhere from 3-12 days to complete.

While I’m working on these new pieces, I’m going to have a few “beta” copies of my book printed just to get a feel for the design and layout and make sure everything prints as expected.

Provided everything is as anticipated (and/or corrections are made), I’ll be printing advanced copies of the book for everyone who signed up for one and a few extras in case there is a demand.

If you plan on ordering multiple advanced copies, it’s important you let me know. Otherwise, I may not order enough copies to be printed.

These advanced copies will basically be a special edition of the book which may (to be determined) feature a special cover that will vary from the mainstream release. How exactly, I’m not sure, because I haven’t designed either. So that’s also on my todo list.

I will also be personalizing the book for you or anyone you wish to gift it to. So I’ll be asking for both instructions on personalization, billing information, and addresses to ship to (don’t send me any information now, I’m not ready to receive it). When the time comes, you can pay for your advanced copy via Paypal, amazon payments, google wallet, or personal check (although that will take longer) and I will send you instructions on how to do that.

Roughly speaking, I’m hoping to have advanced copies of the book available to send out in early October. There are roughly 140 people on the waiting list. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but it sounds like a lot of personalization.

The mainstream release (Amazon, etc) likely won’t be available until November (hopefully) or early December. The digital edition (to which advanced copy owners are entitled) won’t be available until early 2017. This is because my preferred format of the book is the print edition (because of how it’s designed to be read).

Also, the ebook _may_ be a slightly revised edition of the initial print version based on feedback I receive from people like you. Note: I’m still considering the idea of revised editions — it’s going to depend on the kind of feedback I get. Obviously, I will want to correct any potential errors, but also clarify or expand on anything that people think there is a need for.

Will it be available in bookstores? I’m not sure yet, but that’s the goal. But it will certainly be available on Amazon and also from my own website.

That’s it for now.


Thanks so much for your interest in my book. I hope my note finds you having a great day.


Zero Dean

If you have any questions or comments, you can reply to this email or message my page on facebook (if you want to be certain I receive it).

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