Book Update : Mar 22, 2017

Hi Folks,

As you may have noticed, it’s been a while since my last update. Yeah, I noticed that, too. Here’s the latest news:


I’ve finished the narratives for the first book. I ran into some health issues (which I hope are behind me) so it took a fair bit longer than I expected. One day I’ll fill you in on the details (in fact, it will likely make it into a narrative for book 3). In any case, it appears that my brain is working again and I’m a lot more efficient & productive than I have been for a while.

Release estimate:

Due to how inaccurate my previous estimates for when my first book would be available, I’m hesitant to provide a guess as to when it will be available. All I can say is “as soon as I’m confident I am providing you with the highest quality content I am capable of creating at this time“.

Just know that aside from some nitty gritty detail work (I need to draw some maps, have my new content proofread and make changes accordingly), all of the content for the early access edition of book one is complete.

Early access editions:

What I previously referred to as “advanced copies” are now “early access editions”. What does this mean? It means that some of the content (mainly narrative related — the lessons in the books should remain mostly untouched) may change between the early access edition of a book and the final release.

Here’s why:

The 25 chapters that span all the 3 volumes of this series are designed to provide details of my journey and are (mostly) presented in chronological order. As I have not yet completed all of the narratives for all three books, it is possible that some future content may be best presented in a different order. Or, some future content may prompt me to tweak existing work in order to present it in the most effective way.

This has already happened in the process of writing the narratives for book one. For example, “narrative 2” ended up getting added to “narrative 1”. This resulted in me having to write an additional narrative. Then “Narrative 7” became “Narrative 2” and the existing narrative got shifted forward — thus shifting ALL narratives by one — and so forth and so on. It wasn’t planned, but it works much better this way.

If there is anything I want to you take away from this it’s this:

  • The early access copies are truly limited editions
  • My primary concern is providing you with the highest quality content in the most impactful way that I can

Benefits of purchasing an early access edition (updated):

  • Purchasing an early access edition will not only entitle you to a greater than 50% discount off the cover price ($27.99), it will also entitle you to a discount on the final release (provided you wish to purchase it). Please note, the content of early access editions and the final releases should be very similar. It is simply that I may change the order in which things are presented.
  • Your book will be personalized by the author (signed & inscribed to you or anyone you gift it to)
  • You will receive your book weeks before it’s available anywhere else
  • You will be entitled to a complimentary digital edition (when available)
  • You are under no obligation to buy the book until it is ready to be shipped to you
  • You will be one of the first in the world to get one of the first copies of the first edition of this book available anywhere

You raised the cover price?

Yes. Here’s why:

My original price estimate for my books was $12.95 to $14.95 and I still aim to provide the books to you (waiting list recipients) at that price (the “greater than 50% off” discount will do that). So the increase in the cover price won’t actually affect you.

I raised the cover price of my books after realizing my existing estimates not only gave me no wiggle room with regard to actually making money from the books (or to provide future discounts), it didn’t accurately reflect the value of the books. This is content compiled over 7 years of hard-earned lessons that I’ve been working into book form for nearly 2. And it is presented with the sole purpose of having a significant positive impact on your life. But as I have yet to make any money from my content over the course of these 7 years, your purchase of the first book will directly help me to live while I work on finishing books 2 and 3.

Ok, that’s it for now. I’m hoping that my next update will arrive much quicker than the last one.

I want you to know that I greatly appreciate you reading this, your interest in my work, and your support.

With my thanks,

Zero Dean

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know.

How you can help:

Helping to create interest in my work and my book is always helpful. If it becomes relevant in any way, be sure to let people know that signing up for an early access edition of my book will entitle them to a greater than 50% off discount when it becomes available.

Book Update : Jan 2, 2017

Hi Folks! Happy New Year!

Here is the current status of my book series. Please note, the latest news is nearly always on the official book page (even before these updates are sent out).

The single book I was writing will now be a series of THREE books of roughly 250 to 300 pages each.

The lessons that make up the bulk of the content in each of the volumes are essentially finished. However, in addition to the journal entries that accompany each chapter of the books, I’m currently writing a series of personal narratives (25 in total — which accompany each chapter) that provide much more insight into my journey and the experiences from which many of the lessons in the books were born. It is in these narratives that I discuss things that I’ve never shared with anyone.

When complete, the narratives that stream through all three volumes will nearly be a book of its own. And while these narratives were not part of my original vision for the books (I was trying to get away with just including my journal entries), I now feel they are absolutely crucial to making the books work as intended.

As with the lessons in the books, the narratives are not only designed to be read in any order, they also build upon and reinforce each other if you read them in order. Every single piece of content in these books, including the narratives, is written to be as concise as possible (no fluff!) while providing as much value as possible. It is a tricky thing — and sometimes slow going — but I feel it is much more effective at creating a more complete “experience” for people and it reflects the kind of content I enjoy reading.

It drives me crazy when I read a chapter of a book that could easily be condensed to a couple pages — or an entire book that could be summed up just as well in a single chapter. I’m working very hard to create the kind of books where every page matters. But as this entire book writing process is new to me, I sometimes find myself struggling  — which I don’t really mind. As there are numerous lessons to be learned and challenges to overcome. But I do find myself disappointed at the delays.

I’m very eager to share these books with you… when they’re ready.

Speaking of which… my best guess for the availability of BOOK ONE is March 2017 — but again, this is a guess. You can be certain that as soon as I have more information to share with you, I will.

Thanks for reading. And again, Happy New Year (Remember this day)!


Zero Dean

PS. People sometimes ask me if there is anything they can do to help. Right now, the most helpful thing you can do is to help create an awareness for my book(s). If you think people might be interested in my work, I love it when folks refer others to my book page. Thank you!

Book Update : Oct 16, 2016

Hi Folks,

I recently came to the realization that in order for the 25 personal entries (that accompany the 25 chapters) of my book to have the greatest impact, they need to be put in context. Currently, my personal pieces simply exist as self-contained entities. For example, after the intro, the book starts with Day 15: Denied entry into Canada. The next personal entry I share in the following chapter is Day 95: Pop quiz, hotshot. You’re dying. What do you do? and, other than the story I tell, provides little indication of what is happening in my life or what has happened in the previous 80 days. I feel I need to remedy this, but it’s going to take some time — and additional pages.

Yesterday, I wrote the context for Day 15 to account for the 15 days since my journey began. It added roughly 1.5 pages to my book. If I do this for all the entries that follow, this will add roughly 35 pages to my book and bring it closer to 500 in total. This also raises the cost of printing

As my book currently stands, it is approximately 102,000 words. And it’s a big hefty book. Which is nice, but it’s also not the easiest thing to “grab and go”. It may also be information overload for some people.

This is why I’m now considering breaking it into two books.

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey : Lessons learned from the path less traveled.


  • Chapter 1: Break on through
  • Chapter 2: Are you awake?
  • Chapter 3: Living with intention
  • Chapter 4: Taking action
  • Chapter 5: Living a life you’re proud of
  • Chapter 6: Attitude & approach
  • Chapter 7: Focus & attention
  • Chapter 8: Personal responsibility
  • Chapter 9: Self-discipline
  • Chapter 10: Personal goals
  • Chapter 11: Living beyond comfort
  • Chapter 12: Confidence & criticism
  • Chapter 13: Self-talk


  • Chapter 14: Authenticity & being yourself
  • Chapter 15: Kindness
  • Chapter 16: Tolerance
  • Chapter 17: Leadership, influence & character
  • Chapter 18: The path less traveled
  • Chapter 19: Success & failure | Materialism & accomplishment
  • Chapter 20:  Happiness | Unhappiness
  • Chapter 21: Wellness
  • Chapter 22: Interacting with others
  • Chapter 23: Communication
  • Chapter 24: Role models & the media
  • Chapter 25: Misc

Book 1 would be 235 pages as it stands today and closer to 250 with the pending changes. Book 2 would likely be very close to that.

Breaking up my work into two books would have the following benefits:

  • It will cost less (to buy and to ship)
  • It will be easier to physically carry with you and read
  • And most importantly, I’ll be able to release Book 1 much sooner than if I have to wait until all content is finished. As it is, if I release my book as a single volume while also trying to get in all the necessary changes, it almost certainly won’t be available during the holiday shopping window. I may still miss getting the book out for the holidays if I break it into two, but if I don’t, I almost certainly will.

Again, this is only a consideration. I haven’t made a final decision about splitting up my book.

For those concerned about how splitting the book up into two affects the presentation, the split in the lessons actually comes at a very natural break.

If you have a strong opinion about this, please feel free to share it with me.

Thanks for reading. More news when I have it.


PS. For those who sent feedback about the covers, here is a rendition of the 3rd option featuring the easy-to-read design of the dark cover, but with the colors of the bright one.


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