Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled™ book series by Zero Dean

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About my book(s):

Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled™ is a forthcoming series of books by Zero Dean that highlight lessons learned by the author since embarking on the path less traveled over eight years ago.

The first book to be released will be a compendium of the lessons that span all three volumes of the series that are currently in development.

Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled™ Compendium 2019

Live a better life and find your way with integrity, courage & self-discipline.

⭐ Arriving first quarter 2019 ⭐

What makes the compendium different from the future volumes in the series is that it omits the personal element of the forthcoming books to focus on delivering concise lessons and reminders to help people stay focused, positive, and hopeful in a world gone mad.

If you’ve seen memes featuring excerpts of my work, then this will give you an idea of the contents of the compendium.

Topics include:

  • integrity, kindness, confidence,
  • attitude, gratitude, authenticity,
  • success, leadership, achievement,
  • rejection, failure, tolerance,
  • living beyond comfort, personal responsibility,
  • health, fitness, wellness,
  • communication, relationships, happiness
  • and more.

The first official volume in the series — to be released later — is titled:

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey.
Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled™
Book Onezero-dean-book-not-everyone-will-understand-your-journey

This book series is packed with encouragement, food for thought, and strategies to help readers cope with and overcome life’s challenges.

You don’t have to be an avid reader to get value from this series. The contents of this series are designed to be read in nearly any order from nearly any page. Each piece is not only written to stand alone — so you can pick and choose content based on what interests you — they are also presented in a way that allows them to build upon each other if you choose to read the books in chronological order.

And you don’t need to commit a ton of time to reading. Lessons take anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes to read.

There’s also a personal element to the books that provide insight into the author’s journey and some of the experiences from which a number of the lessons in this book were born. As you get to know the author, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be exposed to his imperfections, and you might just catch a glimpse of yourself along the way.


My book isn’t available to the public yet.

However, you can get on the waiting list to be one of the first to get it. Getting on the waiting list provides a number of additional benefits including:

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COMPENDIUM details at a glance

Mainstream release date:

Book One estimated:  First quarter *2019
*most probable


5.5″x8.5″ trade paperback
eBook edition (delayed release)

Number of pages:

Estimated: 300-350


Print edition: To be determined
Digital edition: Price to be determined and released later

BOOK ONE details at a glance

Mainstream release date:

Book One estimated:  2018 | *2019 | 2020
*most probable


5.5″x8.5″ trade paperback
eBook edition (delayed release)

Number of pages:

Estimated: 250-350 pages

Most current news:

October 18, 2018:

I’m currently considering ways to release my book(s) without the personal narrative that is holding them up (see backstory below). I feel that the personal narrative adds immense value to the books — and releasing them without it is not the vision I have for the series.

But I also think the lessons — 95% of which have been finished since 2016 — are powerful. And the sooner I publish my book(s), the sooner the lessons can start making a difference in people’s lives. And, ultimately, that’s my goal.

So I may publish editions of the book(s) without the narrative and then publish revised editions later with new and updated content (including corrections).

It’s not ideal, but “done is better than perfect”


Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey
Lessons Learned from the Path Less Traveled

Book 1
2019 edition


I originally wrote a single massive book of lessons — I just didn’t know it because it was in digital format.

When I received my editor’s copy in late 2016, I realized it was simply too big.  After considering my options, I decided to split the book into three volumes. I also saw this as an opportunity to add something to the books that I felt they were lacking.

Although the book I’d written had a personal element to it, I thought it would benefit from a more direct connection between the lessons being shared and some of the experiences that spawned them.

So rather than publish my book, I decided to split it into three volumes and add content that would help fill in some details left unexplained by the personal entries that begin each chapter.

And while I truly feel that the personal narrative makes the existing content more powerful — and my journey more relatable — writing it isn’t easy. In fact, writing the personal element of my books has been far more difficult than any of the lessons.

As I continued to work on the narrative, my progress slowed as I wrestled with writing. And then it stopped completely. So I took some time off and pursued other ventures.

General News:

Work is being done on all three books simultaneously — with the focus on publishing book one being the priority.

Books two and three should follow in 3-4 month increments of each other. Books two and three pick up where the previous book in the series ends. Altogether, the books cover hundreds of lessons distilled from over 8 years of experiences.

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The “waiting list” is simply an email updates list specifically for those who want information about my book(s). It’s a way for me to provide you with information about the status of my book and how to get it.

When the time is right, I will be contacting people on the waiting list and taking orders. Your order will ensure that I commit to buying enough copies for my personal inventory to sign & inscribe before shipping them directly to you.

Unless you show up at a book signing, this will likely be one of very few opportunities to get a personalized copy. And it will certainly be the only opportunity to get one of the very first copies ever sold.

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Although there is new content throughout my books, the bulk of my books contain content that has been previously published online. However, nearly all of that content has been updated, edited, or completely overhauled where necessary. So, in many cases, even old content is like new.

The lessons I share on Zerosophy.com are very much like a rough draft — or a foundation — of content that I share in my books.

Additionally, the lessons in my books have been painstakingly organized in such a way that if you read the books/chapters in chronological order, the lessons build upon each other. Everything fits together in a cohesive way.

But at the same time, the books are designed in a way that allows you to open them from nearly any page and begin reading. My books are designed to be plucked off a shelf, opened to any page, read & considered, and then put back until they are desired again. They are meant to be dipped into again and again.

They truly are choose-your-own-adventure to fit the style of reading you prefer.


“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” — Alexandra K. Trenfor

The lessons and information I share throughout my book(s) are intended to be universal.

It is my hope that at least some aspects of the lessons I share can be applied to anyone’s life regardless of who they are, where they are from, what political party they belong to, or what religion they follow.

Readers are openly encouraged (from the very beginning) to interpret the information in my books through their own lens and to consider the content accordingly.

Although I want to challenge readers at times (because if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you) — it isn’t my intention at any time to force my views on anyone. I want rational, thinking beings reading my books.

Yes, just not initially.

I love all books — including ebooks. And especially love the portability of ebooks.

But when it comes to my books, I truly feel the best way to read my books is in their physical form.

My books are designed to be dipped into from any page  — and this simply isn’t easy to do with a digital version. They are also designed to revisited repeatedly and not simply as a file you read and quickly forget about.

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Let me be frank…

If this book series has as much of a positive impact on your life as I believe it has the potential to, it is my hope that you’ll find it to be of far more value than the cover price. That is one of my goals in writing these books.

I truly want these books to change your life for the better.

While I can’t claim this book series will change your life for the better, I can promise you that if it doesn’t, it isn’t from a lack of effort in trying to write books that will.

Each piece is written to be as potent as possible. Every sentence, paragraph, and lesson is as concise as I was able to make it given my understanding of the lesson being shared at the time and my current skill in writing it.

Also, this is not a book series that you read once, get pumped up about its contents, and then forget about. Lessons Learned from the Path Less Traveled™ is a series that you can dip into repeatedly over time — years, even. And I hope that you will.

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