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About my journey

I’m formerly a 2D/3D computer graphics artist (I made art for video games).

I also juggled a career in professional portrait photography for models, actors, and entertainers. Photography is a passion of mine, but I mainly shoot for the pleasure of it these days.

Bucking the status quo

In 2010, I began an intentional journey beyond my comfort zone. One aspect of my journey involved taking internet followers on an interactive nationwide journey where I played the protagonist in a real-life choose your own adventure. It was called ZDXP (The Zero Dean Experience).

For nearly two years, I criss-crossed the United States on an epic road trip covering over 60,000 miles while also pursuing things I was most passionate about (writing, photography, travel, adventure, and connecting with people in a meaningful way).

Future goals include publishing additional books, entering the speaking circuit, and giving a TED talk.

Map of my travels (ZDXP)

Note: this map doesn’t represent all stops, just major ones. Also, you can view some of my photography from my journey on 500px.

ZDXP Map of Travels
ZDXP Map of Travels