It isn’t wise to reject gifts just because you don’t like how they’re wrapped.

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Help create a perpetual kindness machine...

Help create a perpetual kindness machine…

Help create a perpetual kindness machine...

Help create a perpetual kindness machine by actively helping to support and encourage those who help support and encourage others.

I think we sometimes forget that the little things we do — that don’t seem like much or take much effort — can make a big difference in other people’s lives.

This is what I meant when I said:

Never underestimate the power of a single act of kindness to make a significant difference in someone’s life. Your act may just be the added lift that someone needs to go from falling to flying.”

Here are some of those simple things:

  • Looking someone in the eye when you say “Thank you.” and sincerely meaning it.
  • Saying “You’re welcome” to others — clearly — and with meaning.
  • Artists, writers, and creative-types who create content are almost always “starving artists”. Helping to bring a greater awareness to their work is one of the kindest things you can do. Social media makes this easy. Even a single “like” to an artist’s page can be encouraging.

Regarding your sources of online entertainment and education:

Providing feedback to these places is HUGE.

Sending a short “thank you” email or positive feedback to web sites (yes, even BIG ones — but especially little ones) or people who help make your online experience more enjoyable is extremely encouraging. While likes and +1s and shares are awesome — actually sending written positive feedback expressing why you like what you like is extremely valuable to those who create original content.

* And any time you happen to be on the receiving end of positive feedback, save it and refer to it later! This is what positive feedback folders are for!


Zero Dean

Zero Dean

Author of Lessons Learned From The Path Less Traveled. Professional photographer. Filmmaker. Humorist. Into photography, art, kindness, compassion, and living beyond comfort. Normal is boring.