It is a strange phenomenon when people put more effort into keeping their possessions in good condition than they do their own bodies.

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Habitual inspiration

Habitual inspiration

“Hey, guys. I’m going to pick up this really bad habit that everyone warns me about and it will probably shorten and significantly reduce the quality of my life if it doesn’t kill me first.”

“What are you, crazy? Don’t!”

*A few years later*

“Hey, guys. I just quit the really bad habit that everyone warned me about.”

“OMG. Congratulations! You are such an inspiration.”


Yes, congratulations to those who quit bad habits.

You’ve done the right thing. You’re setting a good example. And you should be encouraged for it.

But also congratulations to those who don’t pick them up in the first place.

You’ve done the right thing. You’re setting a good example. And YOU should be encouraged for it, TOO.

Sometimes people think you have to do big things — or do something unwise and then correct it — to be an inspiration.

But no.

You inspire people every day simply by setting a good example.



Zero Dean

Zero Dean

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