Adventure 16

The president of Adventure 16 wrote a personal email back to me expressing “delight” in me wanting to shoot a short video segment in one of their stores (in San Diego or LA) and expressed interest in following along.

Hi Dean, your adventure sounds great. We don’t do sponsorships but we’ll follow along and would be delighted to have you do a little filming in one of our stores. Just work out the details with either of the store Managers. I’ve cc’d them. ##### is in Oceanside and ##### in LA. Thanks for thinking of A16 as you plan your trip.
All the Best!

John D. Mead
Adventure 16


My respect for a company I already like a lot just went up a whole ‘nother level.



November 12, 2010

I ended up visiting the Los Angeles store and speaking with the manager there. I She was very off-putting with a rather unfriendly (but not rude) attitude to the point of me deciding against shooting a segment in her store.

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